Help! Everything's slowed down!

I put together my computer around 3 weeks ago - PCP&C 750, Intel 6600, GTS 8800, ASUS commando MB, 2 G ram. Initially after my build I was getting 45+ FPS on max settings on FEAR. Not overclocking, temps loog good. Haven't played too much the last week (did other games). Now I'm only getting 8-10 FPS on max settings! I didn't change any hardware. Is it the GPU of the CPU causing the problem, how can I tell (what do I need to do to test them). Thanks.
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  1. First I would run Spam/virus checks, then look at your net hookup. Is it wireless? Is someone stealing your bandwidth?
  2. check your cd/dvd drive hasn't gone into PIO mode sometimes happens.
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