Need help with Boot from WinXP CD failure

My WinXP computer is due for a format and new

install of OS. My goal is to boot from the WinXP

CD and begin the format and new install from

there. However, everytime I boot, I get the

following white on black screen following post:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows

did not start successfully. A recent hardware or

software change might have caused this."

I'm given the following options:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with command prompt
Last known good configuration
Start Windows normally

Use up and down arrow keys to move the highlight

to your choice.

Seconds until windows starts:....

My keyboard doesn't respond. It counts down to

zero then freezes right there.

In CMOS, I've set the machine to boot first from

CD and I get the same results I've just indicated.

The CD drive is active but is not being addressed

in the boot process.

Can anyone tell me how to get my machine to boot

from my WinXP CD?
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  1. Can you get into the BIOS still or does the keyboard not respond at all?

    Is it USB or PS2?
  2. Yes, I can get at BIOS. It is only in the boot process, when posting hits the Windows executable that I lose the keyboard. To be even more accurate, the keyboard still have power, it is lighted, but there is no response from key presses. Similarly, the CD has power, but isn't addressed once the Windows executable is posted.
  3. Oh! and it is a USB keyboard. The CD occupies and internal bay.
  4. Does the CD drive light flicker during the POST like it is beginning to read the CD?

    Or does it flicker briefly then stop and continue to boot?

    How is the condition of the CD itself that you are trying to boot from?
  5. The CD light flickers UNTIL it hits the WinXP executable. Then it stops. The CD is in excellent condition. Not very old and not much use.
  6. Is this message the reason you wanted to do a reinstall, or is this new?

    Try restoring the defaults in the BIOS.
  7. Yes... for the most part, it is. Now, it won't boot at all, because it hangs at this early point in the boot process. However, it is an old and well-used install of Windows that probably wasn't far from a needed reinstall anyway. Having said that, I'd like to get it running again with this install of windows so I can back up files that will otherwise have to be salvaged by slaving the drive to another computer. And... I have reset the defaults in BIOS without any favorable change.
  8. What I have done in the past is set the CD drive as the only boot device. Disable all other boot options.

    This has forced the BIOS to only boot from the CD drive and not seek out any other available boot options.

    Also, on my motherboard, I have a second page with boot options and my CD / DVD drive is selected there, although there is a CD drive option on the first. The drives actually show the manufacturer name.

    If you try this method and it works, remember when the Windows install does it's first boot after copying the files over, to go straight into the BIOS before it boots up and include the HDD in the options again otherwise your PC will continue to boot from the CD and loop install.
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