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Is there a program like this?

Hi, I was wondering if there's currently a program out there that will support dual monitor or multi monitor support for slideshow presentations. I want to be able to have 2 monitors both doing a slideshow, the same instance. I would like one instance of a slideshow program running. Monitor 1 would show image A, and Monitor 2 would show image B. Then I'd like image A to go to Monitor 2 and Monitor 1 displays a new slide/image now. I'd like it to be the same instance, so the slides are synchronized. So I'd basically like to know if there's a program out there that will support dual monitor slideshows where one monitor shows the new image, and the other one shows the previous.

Thank you!
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  1. Something like this would be possible with some custom programming but that would be pretty pricy. Just create 2 slideshows, one that has a 10 second, or whatever delay before the first slide. Move one to the second monitor, kick them both off at the same time, and the delay will make it look just like what you are trying to do.
  2. you want something like ms power-point on steroids...
  3. I was afraid of this... Is there a way to set up MS power point to set up two instances of slideshows to do this then? If so, is there a site or can someone tell me how to do this? I've also heard that someone else tried to make a script to run the slideshows at the exact same time, but because some of the photos attached to the slides were bigger files, some files were delayed and the timing was off between the instances of the slides after running it for a while. Is there some way to allow the program to preload or buffer the next slides before showing it? The delay time between slides can be long to make sure this happens if that would help. If MS power point can do this, that would be most convenient, but otherwise, I am also willing to use any open source slideshow program if anyone knows of one.

    I'm just looking for any help at all with this. I would appreciate input.

    Thank you very much!
  4. You could remake the slides as custom slides double-wide, and each new slide shows the previous left half as the new right half, then set the displays to show half the desktop (and thereby half of each slide) each.

    So slide one is
    [A][ ]
    two is
    three is
    and so on.
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