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All of my help files are blank when I click on H&S. I've looked at alot of other help sites and can't find an answer as to why so many of my Microsoft applications say they are 'Unknown applications'. All the h1* files say unknown and can't open. All the boxes in Help have red x's in them. Why is this and how can I fix it? Help, it's very frustrating.
Thanks for any advice!
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  1. Can you do a System Restore to a date before you lost the H&S?
  2. Hi,
    This is a fairly new computer (desktop) and I never did have anything but red x's in the help pages, it came this way. I just ignored them thinking it wouldn't be a big problem to fix it, but here it is months later and I can't find an answer as to why it's that way. It's almost like getting an html email and it's set on 'text only'..everything has red x's. I just don't know how to go about fixing it, you'd think it would be something simple..
    Oh well, thanks for your help,
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