SATA ARGGGHHH! Help....Please!

I'll try to make this short.

My motherboard(ASUS) died so I replaced it with a Gigabyte. I do have an SATA HD. When I boot it says I have no harddrive. I've put the HD to boot 1st and then 2nd with the CD 1st. I know that I have a driver issue. How do I get the driver on there. Let me explain what I have tried.

1. Boot from XP disk and attempt repair = No HD found
2. Boot from XP disk and press F6 to install 3rd party driver = Will only access driver from drive A:, Floppy.
3. Reverse boot order with HD 1st = I get some activity with HD light but fatal error and keeps rebooting

Most logical choice is to place SATA driver on computer through drive A:
Who has a floppy in there computer anymore? I through mine away a couple years ago. Is there anyway around this? I hate to buy a floppy to use once then throw away again.
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  1. You can use a keychain drive with floppy emulator software.
  2. How do you get a floppy emulator to work for a thumbdrive when I can not even get the computer past the Bios since it won't recognise the hardrive?
  3. Dude, your motherboard has boot from Sata disabled.

    Enter BIOS, locate boot order; select "SATA 0" as #1, make CD-ROM #2. Save. Exit.

    You are good to go.

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  4. the bios does not offer the option to boot from sata at all. It only makes reference to "hard Drive"

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  5. When the machine POSTS, does it indicate that the drive is there?

    you may need to go into the bios to disable the logo thing it does. If not check all the bios options to see if sata is disabled, then check the connections are sound.

    edit: soz, thought you said gigabyte to asus, ignore the bit about the logo.
  6. You may possibly need to jumper your HD to operate at 150mb/s or 300ms/s.
  7. Older Xp installation disks sometimes do not work without using the F6 option and a floppy for the sata drivers. The sata drivers are on the motherboard driver cd or you can get them from the website. The new Xp sp2 disks usually have all the common sata drivers.
  8. Well...I've managed to get the hardrive to work and have reinstalled windows xp back on but now have other problems.

    I get this error when launching IE: shreggetvaluew procedural entry point cannot bo located in the DLL library shlwapi.dll

    I've tried to replace the dll file. No luck

    I've search the web and found quite a few people with this problem but no solution.

    I've searched microsoft's knowledge base and no solution at all.

    I've tried to update windows to get it back to SP2 but the update just locks up and can not get any patchs.

    I've run the CMD and had windows verify all files to the install disks and it says the files are all present.

    The computer boots but lots of things do not work.

    I do have the motherboard drivers installed along with the video card drivers now.

    Any ideas?
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