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I know its possible to disable the right click button and the print screen button on web pages so no one can take your artwork & such, but is it possible to know when the user presses the print screen and to know which part of the page the page they pressed it on? Or is that just a violation of privacy/borderline sounding like keylogging?
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  1. There wouldn't be any violation at all. Websites everyday legally record the interaction users have with their site and what you're doing would be just the same. Some sites might do it to monitor the popularity of one part of a site/page over others, you're simply doing it to protect your art.
  2. If you deselect the window (and still have it visible), you can still take screenshots. Just make it very clear that the content of your website is your own property, and legal action can and will be taken if your terms (which you'll have to list somewhere) are violated.
  3. My concern was more about privacy. I don't mind if users see and copy artwork, seems like the spirit of Web 2.0. But I was wondering if sites can monitor you in that regard.

    From my understanding of the Print Screen button, the copy of w/e image you chose is saved locally on your computer, but I was wondering if public sites monitor key entries (such as the Print Screen button) or if ur own computer broadcasts to a given site that its performing a Print Screen function. I always thought that if a site did monitor ur print screen activity, or any other key for that matter - what would stop those types of sites from monitoring what you're typing if the next tab on your IE or FF browser is your bank account & such..
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