Mobo / case compatability?

My dad is being a huge prick right now, and he refuses to believe that this motherboard will fit into this case.

Can we prove him wrong, guys? It's almost as if he believes that each case is made for one motherboard in specific.

Edit: Nevermind the I/O problem, I showed him the mobo comes with it's own panel. He still thinks the mobo is too big for the case.
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  1. yes that mobo will definately fit. its standard ATX formfacter which the case DOES support.
  2. tell your prick father that he is not really your father

    and finish it off with a 1+1=2

    M/B Type ATX; Micro ATX

    Form Factor

    1. ATX form factor, 305 x 245mm

    he understands that the board goes vertically... Right?
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