Ok, I am moving back into my dad's house because I am a poor college student. I am studying NCM (network communication management) at school but I can't figure out what to do for a WAP (wireless access point) at home. I do not want to use a wireless router because we already have a router (vonage) and I don't feel like screwing around with that. I want an access point so I can just hook it up and have it wireless signal.

Now, here are my requirements for this network.

IEEE 802.11g/n (Wireless n is not a requirement. no real gains will the felt from the speed)
Range: ~100 meters
I would like MIMO (again, wont really need this, but its a want)
I prefer linksys or Cisco (netgear is cool too, I just think they work funky)
Must be a reasonable price
Only needs to handle 5 users at once

I have looked at some products already and am not liking in what I am finding. I just need some serious help!
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  1. Why not just get a wireless router, disable DHCP and don't use the WAN port?

  2. I guess I could do that. Do you have any recomendations?

    I was looking at this 3com:


    Please help me out, I dont understand what to look for in wireless routers to determin if it is good or not.
  3. They're all pretty much the same (as far as I can tell). I use the Belkin G wireless routers from Wal-Mart for ~$40.00 and don't have any problems.

  4. whats the max distance? That is the big thing for me.

    Thanks for you help so far.
  5. Up to 400ft

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