Intel Pentium 4 650 3.4Ghz Socket 775

Hi, i'm new to the whole overclocking scene, but i have good general knowledge of hardware and bios etc.

I'm wondering how and by how much i should overclock my p4 3.4ghz HT 800fsb cpu. (bearing in mind i'm getting a c2d soon enough so slightly cooking the chip doesnt bother me (as long and i dont ruin my new mobo! :P)

I've never bothered before because i made the typical error of buying my pc last year from HP (i know i know... :P) and therefor i knew i wouldnt be able to overclock my cpu safely, but now i've just updated my RAM, MOBO and CPU Fan... i'll link you what i have so you have a rough idea how good the stuff is and hopefully be able to tell me how much i can/should overclock to.

CPU Fan:

Hope this is enough info to help you help me :)

Other spec info:

3.4ghz p4 HT
Asus P5N-E Sli
Casecom 500W PSU
3x Case Fans
1024mb PC-6400 800MHz Kingston RAM
Akasa AK-961 CPU Fan
Asus N6600GT (Cant afford a 8800gtx yet lol)

Tom Bonser
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  1. Well i tried it out myself...

    I upped the voltage to 1.40 and clocked it to 3.8ghz, everything was fine
    upped the clock speeds to 4... everything was was
    upeed it to 4.1 and after 10 seconds me pc shut down :P
    So i've put it back to 3.5-3.8
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