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what is 0xc0000409? why does this error happen when i am online playing crossfire from z8games
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  1. the game may not support crossfire, have you tried to play it without crossfire???
  2. It works great for anything else, no problems..but at times when i play online...crossfire from z8games....the error comes up and says crossfire exe error ...... 0XC0000409 exception area in 0x042926E5, as well as in area 0X043d30f5 .....

    doesn't happen too often, since i have been running System Mechanic 9.5.3 for Vista / Windows 7 ..

    I have 2 HD's ..IDE and Sata2

    IDE - 150GB running Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
    Sata2 - 500 GB running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

    Nvidia 9600GT

    4 GB ram 800Mhz

    MSI motherboard MS-7309 with latest BIOS update using MSI Live Update 4

    AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.71GHz

    500 watt power supply
  3. i suggest going to z8games and telling them the problem, frequently with online (webbased games) there isnt much dev with them and they cannot cover most/all hardware configurations. Id guess the actual game is causing this not your computer.
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