I deleted my msn icon what should i do?

Well i got the new 2011 msn but didnt like it, so i deleted all the icons and from my control panel but when i go and try to install the new one it says that i already have messenger on my laptop, what should i do, i have already tried searching up this - Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe but it cant be be found on my laptop! what should i do HELPPPP!!!
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  1. Just deleting the icons doesn't uninstall a program. Go to start-->control panel-->add/remove programs-->if MSN is there, uninstall it.

    If not, try reinstalling MSN 2011, and then uninstalling it.
  2. check your recycle bin.... ;)
    is this is only icon your looking for.?
  3. Consider it an upgrade.
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