All Windows Updates Fail

I have automatic updates set to download and notify. Updates download fine but all "Update for Windows Vista for x64" fail to install. The error codes are 80070057 & 80070643. Updates for Security, MS Office, & Windows Defender install fine.

I've tried downloading and manually installing the updates but that also fails. I've turned off all non-windows startup apps and services using msconfig and done a clean boot. Still the updates fail.

I tried to reinstall Vista from from the Install Disk and THAT failed. The install gets to the last of the listed install steps, fails (no error code) , then restores the system to what it was.

I've complete virus and malware scans and found nothing.

Checking the update history I found that this has been going on for about four months so I'm way behind on updates. I don't recall installing any apps in that time frame. The system functions normally otherwise so I'm hoping to find a fix that doesn't involve a complete reinstall

My System Specs:

Vista 64 SP1
QX9650 cpu
XFX 780i mobo
dual BFG 8800GTS in SLI
6gb RAM
320gb & 640gb HDD's, both with plenty of space.
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  1. BE sure Background Intelligence Service (BITS) is running.

    1.. Open Start menu, select Run, type Services.msc, and then press Enter.
    2.. Scroll down the Services window and double-click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
    3.. If the service is not running, on the General tab, click the Start button.
    5.. Run Windows Vista update on the PC again.
  2. Checked. BITS is already running.
  3. Well, the system clock must be set to the correct time and date.
  4. Is SP1 and SP2 installed?
  5. badge said:
    Is SP1 and SP2 installed?

    SP1 came w/ the original install disk. SP2 is one of the many updates that fails to install. I'm trying the .net reinstall from your previous post now.
  6. Completed the uninstall/reinstall of all .NET software per the instructions but no help. Windows Updates still fail to install
  7. Well, my only other suggestion would be to back up all important data to disk or external drive and do a repair install.

    When you perform a repair installation, this restores the current Windows Vista installation to the version on the installation DVD. This requires you to reinstall all updates that are not included in that version of Windows Vista.

    To perform a repair installation of Windows Vista, follow these steps:
    1. Restart the computer.
    2. Insert the Windows Vista DVD in the computer's DVD drive.

    Note If Windows does not automatically detect the DVD, click Start, type <Drive>:\setup.exe in the Search box, and then click Setup in the programs list. Then, click Install Now.
    3. Click Go online to obtain the latest updates for installation (recommended).
    4. Insert the product key if you are prompted for it.
    5. Click to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.
    6. On the Which type of installation to you want screen, click Upgrade.
    7. When the installation is complete, restart the computer, and then try to install updates again.
  8. I've tried that too. Even reinstalling from the disk failed. Then it automatically restored itself to the last good state. There's something deep down wrong with this for an install from the disk to fail. I'm starting to see an install from scratch in my future :(
  9. Have you tried runing a chkdsk?

    Click on Start>Programs>Accessories>Command prompt. Type in:

    sfc /scannow

    Just like that and hit ENTER. Takes about 20 minutes or so to repair and complete.
  10. I ran SFC /scannow & and Chkdsk /f. Neither found any errors. . I also downloaded and installed Windows Updater thinking maybe mine was outdated. I'm at my wits end on this one
  11. Well, in case you decide to do a reformat and reinstallation of the OS, here are the instructions. Use method 2. In BIOS, set the first boot device to DVD, insert the installation DVD into the tray and save and exit. When prompted to 'press any key to boot from DVD' press any key at that time. Be sure to save any important data to disk or external HD. Reformatting will erase the HD.
  12. That looks like the route I'm going to have to take. I am NOT looking forward to this. Reinstalling all my apps is going to take a while so I probably won't do it until next weekend. So if you get any more ideas on what I might try I'd be grateful.

    Thanks for the help Badge.
  13. Well, if you do a format and new installation of Vista a couple of things.

    1. Back up all important data to disk or external hard drive.

    2. you have SP1 on the install disk, so immediately install SP2.

    3. After SP2 installation, use the auto update for the remanider of OS updates.

    Vista 64 sp2 download.
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