How much can I overclock with Intel G965WH motherboard?

I am planning to get Intel G965WH motherboard, but I want to know how much would it overclock?

I am also planning to get E4300.

So, give your answers in accordance with that.

Please do help!

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  1. As in the one with Intel's name on the box?? If yes, then the answer is none.
    Intel bios' are not overclock friendly. Get a Gigabyte, Asus, Abit or other overclock friendly board.
    I have this board in my wifes computer and if I remember correctly - there are not a lot of setting in the bios to overclock. As a trade off, her's has been very stable, no issues out of the box with an E6300, 2x512 Mushkin 533, and Vista Home Prem.
  2. Quote:
    As in the one with Intel's name on the box?? If yes, then the answer is none. Intel bios' are not overclock friendly.

    That's not entirely true. Intel is now overclocking friendly. This is a recent development, with the 975XBX board, and more so with 975XBX2 board.

    I dont know if Intel had started being overclocking friendly or not with the 965 series boards, so the poster asks a good question, and hopefully someone will know the answer. But, to just blanket label Intel as "not overclock friendly" is no longer accurate.

    Now that Intel has kickass gaming CPUs, they're not going to let the Gaming market slip away.

    BTW, if the 965 board has graphics on board (i THINK the G series does), and does not have a PCI-E slot (it may not), then you may want to look at a different 965 board or the 975 boards. Otherwise, your graphics abilities will be extremely limited (in terms of both games and 3D rendering).
  3. Even dell has an overclocking gamer's system coming out. I would download the Intel manual off their website and check for voltage and memory adjustments in the bios.
  4. I stand corrected - I forgot about the small 5% of Intel boards that will overclock. But anyone paying $200+ on an Intel board with plans to overclock needs to do a lot of research before they buy. Intel puts out great chipsets - P35 and X38 will be great performers. If I was buying now - I would look to a P35 board or hold out till X38 gets some good reviews. But I still wouldn't buy an Intel board for overclocking.
  5. Quote:
    Even if they have now made their BIOSes OC friendly (which they haven't done save for their high-end MBs), the board you have pointed out is based on the 965G chipset, not to be confused with the 965P chipset. The 965G chipset includes integrated graphics but its OC potential will be piss-poor compared to 965P boards. Putting this fact aside, the only way you may be able to overclock this board is through ClockGen, which is not guaranteed to work.

    Just FYI, that board is called a DG965WH.

    EDIT: According to the Newegg reviews, software won't help you get any further with your overclock. Notice how all the reviews with "overclock" in them say "don't buy this for overclocking", "not for overclockers", etc.

    does that mean i can't my pc because my mobo is an intel 946gz ?! :cry: :cry: someone pls confirm, i wanna OC...pls say it aint so... :cry: :cry:

    if so, any suggestions on what mobo to get in case my current wont my specs -
    mobo - intel 946gz
    processor - intel pentium d 3.4ghz
    gfx - PowerColor ATI x1950
    memory - 2pcs Kingston 1gb ddr2 667
    heatsink - enzotech ultra-x
    psu - CORSAIR CMPSU-620HX ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 620W
    others - Lite-On DVD-RW
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