My dad just rang me up, he told me that he was told by his accountant about a new virus sent through email, which completely deletes everything on your C drive.
The subject of the email should be something like ''HALLMARK POSTCARD'' or something like that. What supposedly happens, you get sent the email, it asks you to open an image, and then thats it, computer deleted.

Stay safe everyone!
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  1. There we go, thanks grumpy :)
  2. I don't open such emails anyways, you can preview them through the windows pane (split-window configuration) in your mail program. most mail programs..
  3. Quote:
    Thanks for your information. General, if my pc is infected virus, I will go to look for solutions here They're professionals. :)

    don't suggest such stupid options that waste money if you have to pay for the product..
  4. Thats cool. Maybe I panicked a bit but deleting your c drive is basically deleting your computer....
  5. should be fail-safes in place for when you ever try to delete you c: drive..
    the system won't let you especially if it's the active drive or partition.
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