2x RaptorX in RAID 0 (HighPoint 2340), but very low speeds !

I need help with my RAID-controller setup. I run my two Raptro X 150 GB in RAID 0 on my HighPoint 2340 controller but I get very low results in HDTach and other tests.

Here are the results in HDTach:

251 Mb/s Burst-Speed,
147 MB\s i Read-Speed
8.5 ms Random Access

My motherboard is Asus P5W DH Deluxe.
The strangest of all is the Burst speed.


This test here shows much higher results for 2x 360 GB 7000 RPM Seagate hard drives on the same controller.

Please help me. What's wrong with my system.
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  1. There is nothing wrong with your system. Everything looks to me as expected in your configuration.

    You do know that the Raptors' interface speed is SATA-150, correct? The Seagate's referred to in the article are SATA-300. Naturally they will outperform in terms of burst speed (which is meaningless, BTW).
  2. OKi, thanks a lot.
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