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Harddisk Drive Not Detected

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June 13, 2007 1:51:48 PM

Hi, i have a problem with one of my older hhds. My old computer wouldnt boot into windows with it, it would just get to the windows loading screen and repeatedly load and never actually get into windows. I tried to repair windows but when i run windows setup, it freezes when it gets up to a certain step. It says

Examining 114471MB Disk 0 at Id 1 on bus 0 on atapi...

So i brought a new computer (it was about time anyways + my graphics card died shortly before this too).

I tried to plug the hdd into the new computer hoping i could backup everything that was on it through my new computer (i thought it was just some corruption in the boot.ini) but that failed to work.

It took me awhile to get the boot settings right so that it would actually load into windows (changed the little thing on the back of the hdd to the left side which changes it to slave or something or stops it booting off the hdd).

In windows it doesnt detect my hdd at all. Not in my computer and not in disk management but it does detect the hdd in bios.

Anyone know whats wrong and if its possible to get the data off the hdd? It has all my end of year 12 schooling essays and stuff that i'll need for my final exams.

Thanks for any help.
June 13, 2007 2:42:06 PM

I am slightly confused and need more information. Is your new computer's hard drive IDE or SATA? If the new pc and HD are IDE and the OLD HD is IDE, I would set the drive jumper on the new one to Master and old one to slave. Normally HDs as set to "CS" or cable select. Setting them up as true master and slave sometimes helps recognize some of the older HDs.

There is also the possibility that the old HD is so damaged that windows can't recognize it. Disk management will sometimes still see the drive but the size is wrong or other issues. The problem could be with the partition or other things. I use a program called EasyRecovery Professional when this happens.

Is the old drive clicking or making any noises? The more information you can give the forums, the more likely someone will be able to help.

Goodluck to you.

June 13, 2007 11:22:01 PM

First check your BIOS to make sure that it's set to recognize ATA drives. If you have two drives on the cable make sure the top one is set to Master and the second Slave. If only one cable, should be set to Cable Select. If you have 2 ATA connectors on the mobo, make sure it's connected to the one for the hdd rather than the optical drive, usually the front connector. This assumes your drive is ATA rather than SATA
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June 14, 2007 6:17:54 AM

Sorry guys i forgot to mention. My old drive is SATA like my new ones.

In bios it says that the drive is set as channel 0 slave. My new one with windows is set as channel 0 master i believe and my other new one is set as channel 1 master.

When loading with the HDD it spins and makes noise and stuff but the moment windows detects it my computer goes weird.

I say that because before i went to Add New Hardware to see if i could get it to detect the HDD there. While scanning it said on the bottom right as a balloon "New Hardware Detected: Disk Drive or Hard Drive" or something like that. Then windows stopped functioning properly. I couldnt open any programs only close, and it slowly froze after awhile.

I hope that makes it abit more clear ;) 

Thanks for you replies!
June 14, 2007 11:58:36 AM

In your original post you said you changed the jumper settings on the drive. With SATA there is no Master or Slave, have no idea why you get this in the BIOS, mine says the same thing. As far as I know the jumper settings on a SATA is to make sure a SATA 3.0 drive is recognized by a board with SATA 1.5 connectors so check the hdd mfg site and make sure that the jumper settings are correct. Also make sure that that the only hard drive listed in your Boot Sequence settings in the BIOS is the one with the OS. For what ever reason SATA drives are listed under Safely Remove Hardware so that is normal. Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? If you don't have anything you want on the hdd and it's detected in Hardware Manager under Administrative Tools format it. If there are files you want, back them up first.