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Hello, I'm computer engineering student and I'm developping using Eclipse on many platforms, I'm having some issue with Eclipse in terms of speed. I know it's a Java application and that it's very heavy but I'm looking to buy a desktop computer to make it faster while I program and run some applicative servers.

My question here is: should I invest in a workstation or it does not worth the money and any modern processors (4threads+) would do the job?
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  1. I haven't ever had any issues with Eclipse (not that I used it much mind you). It shouldn't really be putting any toll on your computer, it's not really meant to be a heavy application.

    What are your current specs?
  2. It's a MacBook pro 5,3
    2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo
    4GB 1067MHz DDR3
    Hitachi 500GB 5400rpm
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512MB

    I moved back from win7 to OSX because the performance on win7 were too poor.
    (Actually I think it's worse on OSX but at least that piece of crap is not overheating!)
  3. What version/edition of Eclipse are you using? With many plugins, yes Eclipse can become slow to start, but the problem might actually be the slow hard drive. I have a similar CPU at work and at home, but my home PC has an SSD and at work I have a 5400RPM "slow" drive and the Eclipse start time is significantly different, 3-4 times faster at home.
  4. I'm using many framework for java such as strut, spring, ibatis, gwt just to name a few.
    GWT is specially slow. I'm using eclipse 3.6 with the GWT tools.
  5. Are all Java applications slow or only Eclipse? Are you using the Eclipse edition for JavaEE? If so I know it has quite a few plugins that can take some time to load.
  6. It's okay when I compile and publish the the applicative server but when debugging and using the "hot code swapping" everything is really slow (we are talking minutes here) also, I have tried the GWT designer and it's just unusable. I have both version of eclipse and I am using eclipse classic when working on GWT. The application I an developping is not very hard on the logic but there is a lot of visual interfaces and database queries. I guess a faster harddrive or a sad could fix most of my problems but I am planning to buy a desktop in a really near future, I am just wondering if I should go for a few threads with lot of power or many less powerfull threads.
  7. When you speak of threads, you mean literal programming threads or you are talking about CPU cores? One thing you could do to find the bottleneck it to check the I/O wait when you start the application. If it rises a lot, then yes it means your CPU is held back by the HDD.
  8. I mean CPU threads. I'll check that out but it's always slow even when the application is in memory
  9. I don't know much about GWT, but if it's an AJAX based framework then it could be doing more I/O than you think. It could be networking I/O, but this is I/O non-the less.
  10. That's very true, maybe it's time to get that ssd ;) GWT is indeed based on Ajax.
  11. Even without an SSD, just a regular modern 7200RPM HDD could make quite a difference. The problem is that it can drain a battery much faster for a laptop.
  12. The specs you gave is not really an issue maybe your hard disk is quite full.
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    The specs you have right now is really sufficient for a dev environment. With that said, I've switched to a SSD drive recently (Intel X25M second gen) and it has improved startup/load times of eclipse, netbeans, and microsoft visual studio 2010 express by a vast amount.
  14. Alright, I will try with a new hard drive or just wait for a month till I get my desktop! Thank you!
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