SBS2003: Faxing using a global address list

We have the fax server set up on SBS2003. Our clients are running XP.
The goal is to have a global (domain wide) address book to choose fax numbers from.

We are using a global address list from Outlook as the fax contact manager. Contacts can be set up simply enough. But, the fax wizard is woefully lacking in interface, as opposed to faxing from within Outlook.

Case in point: a client wants to fax a purchase order to a vendor. This purchase order is generated from a database application on the fly-printed/faxed, and it is purged. There is no file to fax from another application.

The problem is contact information is displayed in the fax wizard by person's name and fax number with no ability to show other fields. In our case clients may only know the name of the company and department to fax to. There appears to be no function for sorting by (viewing by) company name. Note: if you set up the company name as XYZ and type 'XYZ' in the search field, the cursor is taken to A contact with XYZ as the company. But, the user/client has no way of knowing if this is XYZ's AP, purchasing, CS, etc. phone number.

Are we missing something?

If not, can anyone suggest a 3rd party app that is compatible with SBS2003 fax server, outlook address book, and the XP fax wizard? Ideally we'd like to be able to filter contacts not only by company name and department, but store addresses in categories such as "Vendors", "Customers", etc.

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