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Does my pc have a demon inside ?

Apparently there is a demon in my pc.. It grabs the whole system resources at mid - day, every day grinding down the speed almost to a halt and would not release it until about one and half hours later. (and Idon't mean internet) After this 1 and half hour, it picks up and starts running normal till same time next day.I have no scheduled utility like difragler running at any time. I have used all the registry,disk cleaners and optimizers in my system tool kit. I have not been able to pin point what its going on.

My machine is an Athlon 64 x2 (dual core processor 4600+) 2.4 GHz
Ram (memory) 2Mb
OS Windows Vista (32)

Anti-virus/Anti-spyware AVG
Firewalls Windows
Windows defender, watchdog

Please help!
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  1. Try running Process Explorer to see what program is using all your computers resources.
  2. Sounds a lot like a scheduled antivirus scan. As grumpy mentioned, just open the task manager, and see what's eating up the resources.
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  4. aford10 said:
    Sounds a lot like a scheduled antivirus scan. As grumpy mentioned, just open the task manager, and see what's eating up the resources.

    if not the virus scanner then something sure is rendering but what.?
    i agree with task manager but especially agree with Sysinternal Process Explorer, get it..
  5. AFAIK - it's not the demon in the computer, it's the demon in the operator's mind....
    click here and open this, what's this do.... things like that.
    curiosity, temptation, the process of self-educating.. ;)
  6. Thanks guys you are right Aford10, it is the anti-virus application, I forgot that I scheduled it my self.

    By the way Aford10, is there any problem if I decided to upgrade my memory from DDR2 with DDR3.
    What would be my speed advantage if I do?
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    You can only upgrade if your motherboard supports it. There are some motherboards that support both (1 or the other, not both at the same time), but not all motherboards do.

    The performance gains of DDR3 are substantial.
  8. Keep in mind though, the op is running an older chip, and 2 gb. I would suggest to the op, if you are not looking for a new build, grab 2 gb more to give yourself 4 gb. However, if you want to go with a partial upgrade, I would suggest checking out a microcenter if you have one nearby. Go to, they've got a great selection and even match prices from newegg and tigerdirect. Right now they've got a deal going to where if you buy an AMD chip, you get a free board, and they are like biostar, msi, etc. Or you can pay 10 extra for a better board. Either way though, you could get an Athlon II x4 for about 100 with a board.

    Then after that, grab yourself 4 gb of ddr3, or just grab 2 now, and 2 later. Reuse all other parts, and for 200 or under, you have basically a new system. Hard deal to beat. I mean yeah, you could go with 2 more gb of ram, but your system may be getting a little old.
  9. If that is an office PC 2Gb is enough, schedule your antivirus scan during off hours and disk optimization during weekends.
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