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I've been wondering recently if there is any software that could let me view the contents of folders on my desktop with me having to open it in Windows Explorer, something similar to OSX's dock folders only for desktop on Windows.

If anyone knows of such software please tell me :D
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  1. Oops, typo. What I meant to say is to access the contents of my desktop folders WITHOUT having to open it in windows explorer, hope that clears things up.
  2. so... just double-clicking the folder won't work for you?

    In what way do you need them displayed? (i..e can you give a rundown of what you want to do, and what should occur when you do?
    What version of windows are you using?
  3. its just I have many folders on my desktop that I need to have open at once, and this gets very tedious when you must switch in between the likes of 5-6 Explorer windows at once.
    Basically I need a tool where if I click once on the icon of the folder, it will display the contents next to the folder in a stack or in tiles or what ever. And so that I can access and launch applications quickly.

    Vista btw
  4. Wasn't really looking for a dock...
  5. How about total commander - http://www.ghisler.com/
  6. Windows 7 should also do this for you.
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