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How can I recover every Username and PW ever used on my comp?

Ok, so let me start off by saying hello and telling my story.

My name is Dan, My wife and I share this comp, I use it for gaming, she does the myspace and hidden object game thing.

I suspect my wife might not be being completely honest with me and might infact be unfaithful. I know about 2 of her emails, and a Myspace, I suspect she has atleast 5 emails and atleast a hidden myspace account or a facebook, Upon a google search of her name, I even ran across it at a couple dating sites, but have no clue what her user names and passwords could be. she is out of town for a couple weeks now and i want to do some investigating on my comp.

Im not sure if this matters that much because information never actually really gets deleted from comps rite? But, befor I even thought of trying to somehow recover usernames and passwords from my comp, I did a Defrag, Disc Cleanup, and In Internet Properties/Browser history deleted all the Temp Internet Files, Cookies, saved passwords and web Info, dont think it matters that much because in the browser history you can clearly see that Facebook has been getting visited but when you go there, there isnt any auto log-in or anything like that, just blank log in screen.

I think she is using a Gmail account for the Facebook, Im sure she is doing the IM thing there and on Myspace, yahoo,Aim,Hotmail, ect

So . . Is there any way for me to recover every user name and password that has been entered on my PC? I downloaded a couple programs for password recovery and username recovery, But they didnt work and just gave me Viruses and now my comp is completely bogged down, but im more worried about the wife situation for now, so the Viruses and slow comp can wait a bit.

also on the Aol name and yahoo name that i know about she keeps changing the passwords on them every time she figures out that i figured it out lol.

Anyway, If someone could point me in the rite direction of a good, Virus free program that works for this sort of thing I would be very grateful, Or letting me know how to find the stuff in the Directory? im assuming? i have no clue how to go about this, Ohh, also Im dead broke so the programs must be free. Any help is greatly appreciated!! If i think of any more Ill edit or make another post to fill in the helpers.

Thanks In Advance guys! Dan.

Edit: btw I have Vista32.

Edit 2: She may have a twitter for some reason also.
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  1. So, basically, you are asking us to help you spy on your wife. I don't think so.

    Talk to your wife.

    (Why do the people who ask this sort of question always seem to have lewdly suggestive usernames?)
  2. Sounds like your wife is quite the social bug; Gmail, Myspace, AIM, Hotmail, dating sites, AOL, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, hidden object game

    But in all seriousness, just confront her about it. Why spy on her and be untrustworthy yourself when you're wanting to spy on her for the very same reason? You have to live with the chick so there's no use in beating around the bush. And if she IS cheating on you, you're better off knowing...but at least you were a "good husband" and just asked her about it instead of snooping around for the answers.

    Best of luck, truly.
  3. I just did 2 mins ago, Im no deception expert, but i know something is being hidden.
    Still need help with my request.
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    filthy_beava said:
    I just did 2 mins ago, Im no deception expert, but i know something is being hidden.
    Still need help with my request.

    Well to make this short, no. You can't go back and extract typed in passwords/usernames. The computer doesn't save keystrokes. You've already uncovered two of her e-mails and a few dating sites she's on so it sounds to me like you're doing a good job already. I personally don't feel comfortable assisting a husband spying on his wife and I'm sure most everybody else on here shares those feelings as well. You are her husband and should be able to talk openly with her, and her the same with you. If not, then yes, something is wrong. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll find the help you're looking for here.

    Better luck somewhere else with this issue.
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