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Can i install NERO 7 whereas i have nero 8 installed ?

hi guys i recently see some issue when i try to Copy CDs or make date ( no problem with DVD copying , only CD ) & when original CD get saved in hard & get ready to be writtten in empty disk it gives an error on 7% ( unknow reason ) thats why i try to install NERO 7 ( which can easily copy CDs ! ) but i should uninstall my NERO 8 first . there any way to INSTALL NERO 7 beside nero 8 ( without uninstall nero 8) ?

2. how can i solve NERO 8 CD ( not DVD ) coping issue ?
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  1. 1. No. If you try installing NERO 8, you would get a message asking you to uninstall the older version.

    2. Didn't get your question.
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    dude, go all the way and get nero 10..
    i love it..
  3. Nero 7 is so easy to used and a lot less complicated and faster on Win 7
  4. ^
    your opinion..
    I have nero 10 on win7 now..
  5. ^^Me too! Nero 10 is awesome! The look and feel of the GUI is also too cool!
  6. ^hell yah storm..
  7. I think you got a bad optical drive - please try burning with your windows explorer. If you got a bad burner even the latest version of nero won't work.
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