Vista - PC locks up and constant restarts before BIOS

I bought a new PC recently, i installed Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit and it's Service Pack 1.
Now last night i was listening to music and web browsing when suddenly my PC froze completely and the through the speakers you could hear a DDDDDDDDDDDDDD (non stop ruttering noise).
I had to turn the PC off manually and when trying to turn it back on, it just restarts itself before BIOS, doesn't reach the windows loading screen or BIOS screen, it just keeps restarting itself, sometimes for a few seconds sometimes it's on for a second then restarts, and other times it will load into Vista then start the DDDDD ruttering noise, and lock up, ( has only entered vista twice ).

My specs are -
Motherboard - Gigabyte EP43-UD3L
RAM - 2x 1GB TeamGroup
HDD - 320GB Seagate 7200rpm (freshly formatted before vista install)
CPU - Core 2 Duo E7500 (2.93Ghz)
500w OCZ Power Supply
GFX - Asus EN8500gt

These parts are all new, during Vista install everything went smooth, it's just now when i'm in Vista it locks up and keeps restarting itself. All Fans in the PC are spinning when turned on, including the CPU fan, DVD Drive start up, everthing inside looks like it's working just nothing on the screen until it restarts itself.

Any help appreciated - THANKS.
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  1. Try the RAM 1 stick at a time. Or download memtest, and test your RAM.
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