How to bundle software in one installer?

What is the best application for making a software bundle pack (aio)? When i do clean operating system installs I want to make a bundle pack to install it all at once, or at least select what I want to install. Thanks for your help!!
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  1. I know there's software out there but couldn't find anything when i googled it
  2. I found AutoPlay Media Studio Looks great, but I wish I could find a freeware AIO Maker
  3. No free software to do this. You can setup unatended installations for the programs you want to install though and run them from a single script.
  4. Hai, i got a solution about this problem.

    im using batch command(command prompt).

    Heres the code that im using:

    START /w sources\FirefoxSetup\setup.exe /S

    The underlined text is the location of the program.

    START /w means, the next command will be run until the current process terminated (until installation done).

    Executable file mostly use silence switch /S (case sensitive) and /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-. It means, it will do silent/unattended installation.

    For the .msi file, use silence switch /qb

    TIPS: You may use Universal Silent Switch Finder to check which silent switch to use for each application.
  5. These tools can help: InnoSetup (free), ActualInstaller (free).
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