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Advice needed for faster system

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June 13, 2007 4:59:40 PM

Ok so I've made my gaming system and I love it but I want to make it as efficient and fast as possible without seriesly damaging the system. Now I am new to DIY and I have no experience at OC but am willing to give it a try as my last resort. I am wondering if you know how I can speed up my system by tweaking Vista or CMOS setup and then the most efficient way to OC my comp.

Sorry for my inexperience but I am willing if you guide me.

My specs are:
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
Asus P5B- E
2x1GB G.SKILL DDR2-800
WD caviar 160 GB SATA
MSI Radeon x1950pro 512MB

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June 13, 2007 7:00:08 PM

Thanks for the guide, I'll be looking into it. But also remains, what can be done to tweak Vista ultimate for better and faster performance? Anyone with a similiar build to mine, if so what have you done to make it faster?
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June 13, 2007 7:16:17 PM

Disable the Aero interface. It looks pretty, but it's not exactly a positive influence on performance. Other then that, I dunno. I don't own Vista.
June 13, 2007 7:54:09 PM

Vista doesn't have a whole lot of reliable tweaks out yet. I use Vista on a dual boot, but it's pretty rare that I actually boot into it.

Fear not though, literally thousands of dedicated coders are working on improving performance as I type this. Some work for Microsoft, some improve performance in ways that Microsoft would heartily disaprove of if they knew about it. 8)

XP has virtual encyclopedias of info on how to tweak it to get it to perform jsut how you like though, and eventually Vista will be the same.

To start off though, the most common way to tweak an operating system is to stop it from running processes you don't use. Go into the task manager and disable the processes that you don't want running. The trick is identifying which processes do what, and in Vista I can't help you there.

Good luck though :wink: , if you do learn something interesting don't forget to post it here!

Oh yeah, and the largest boost you will see by far is from overclocking. It's really not that hard with a modern motherboard. Give it a try, just go slowly and test, test, test.