core2duo MB acting up with HDD, PLS PLS help me

hi i bought a Foxconn P965 Motherboard a while back for use with my e6300 and 2Gb of DRR2 RAM when P965 was still expensive. After a few weeks i noticed that it didnt always see my SATA devices on boot up, i left fo a while until i was sick of it and ordered an RMA. they said my MB was dead and sent my a replacement.

This is all well and good, but when i installed it into my system, the HDD and SATA DVD drive would be reconised at all, I went into CMOS to look for them manually and it can't find anything at all. (unlike the previous which it occaisioally worked).

I have a similar system (lsited below which uses a relative of this motherboard and that works Fine with no problems, i dont want to return the board and have them say its fine and myself pay £20 becuase they think it nto broke.

It is not the powersupply as the light on the DVD drive is working and the HDD is spinning and ive swapped the cables over. it not the Contoller on the HDD as the DVD drive does get recognised either .

Please Help Many thanks dobby!!!
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  1. Have you tried with another S-ATA cable. In the bios there should be an option for emulating ata, your choices will be disable, SCSI, and IDE. Try all of them. Hope i helped.
  2. Try connecting the HD only (and ensure you have the jumpers set to masta) to see if it will be detected then the DVD drive. I had detection issues while more than one device was connected from scratch.
  3. i ahve tried it with one device only but not with the jumpers, so ill try that now, i assime the HDD will be marster DVD slave or Both master as they are on separate lines?
  4. If they are on separate lines, both should be master.
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