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Hey everyone,

I have a really quick queston. I have been running Vista flawlessly for a while now, and all my games have run perfectly on the OS. However i recently installed World of Warcraft, and it wouldnt run properly on it :(

So i reformated my computer (it was time for it anyway) and now I've created 2 partitions a small one for OS (vista/xp) and my applications. Nowe my question is; would my programs run properly if istalled my applications (like World of Warcaft, Call of Duty) on seperate partion than my OS?


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    Yes. Everything will work as they should.
    Just remember to tell the WOW installer that you want it in a different place.

    I do it all of the time.

    Something else to consider.
    If you have made your vista partition too small the restore points will eat it alive.
    You may be able to point them to that partition as well.
  2. ooh good to know, thanks. I made the partition 45GB, is that big enough? It will need accomodate XP and Vista.

    NEW QUESTION (since i didnt want to start a new thread): Upon getting ready to install XP I realized that its XP 32bit edition. I built my system to run 64bit, so is that gonna be a problem? To be honest the only program i will be running through XP will be WoW, since Vista apparently doesnt like WoW :pfff:
  3. Ok you lost me, And I think I may not have read the first post correctly.
    The 45G partition is your data partition or primary?

    Please list the 2 partitions that you have and or the total size of the drive.

    Putting 2 op systems on the same partition in NEVER a good idea.

    Is a extra HDD a possibility?

    As for WOW on Vista what sort of trouble did you have?
    it works fine here.
  4. Ok here is what i did.

    45GB for Vista
    20GB for XP
    540GB for Applications
    total size 650GB

    I was going to put the two OS on the same partition, but instead i made 2 separate ones. I guess that turned out to be a good decision.

    An extra HDD is a possibility, though I dont really think i need it since i can barely fill this one up :??:

    As for the trouble with wow. I would install WoW and its expansions, but when i had to patch it, i would always get an error saying that a particular file "could not be created. Contact technical support."

    I went through every solution i could think of. Ran it as administrator, ran it in compatibility mode, reinstalled, chanded the Read-Only settings on the folder, but nothing worked :(

    I got XP dualbooted, and its seems as though it working. No error patching the launcher. I haven't gotten around to downloading that gigantic patch yet though.

    So you said WoW was working fine or your Vista? Every other game works on my vista; WoW seemed to be the only exception. Thats strange...
  5. As for the WOW setup Ill ask My kid tomorrow.
    He has been playing on XP for a LONG time.
    Recently he logged in and transfered everything to Vista.
    All patches all levels all everything.
    Ill see how he did it.
    He says he likes it alot better.

    As for the rest of the system do you have both Op. systems up and running?
    Your partitions look fine.
    Here is a little secret that you may not know.
    If your XP partition turns out to be too small you can change the size from inside Vista without having to reload anything.

    The only reason that i asked about another HDD was I thought that your hdd was possibly small.
  6. Ok I talked to him and his first question was which file could not be created.
    He said to try it again and that if you have troubles the Blizzard people are very easy to work with.
    But he said that he had no trouble.
  7. wow thank you you've been very helpful.

    I patched WoW and everything, and its works fine on XP. I switched over to Vista and it also runs perfectly from vista as well.

    I dont know what the initial problem was that would inhibit me from playing it on my Vista machine but after reformatting, it seems to run fine on vista as well. It looks like i wont even really be using XP at all.

    I might just keep XP alongside my vista anyway, just because it was a pain in the a** to restore the bootloader for vista; it took me a while to figure that out. :??:

    I was exploring vista a while ago and found out that i could manage my partitions from within, so that was a good discovery. However, thanks for the heads up.

    Anyway, thanks for your help and, say thanks to you're kid for being helpful as well. See you around,

  8. No trouble
    Good Luck
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