How do i open vlc media file (.bin) as an extention

For me to access the file name vlc media file (.bin) extention, it could only open in audio format with out sound. How do i access the file to a video format with sound effect?

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  1. .BIN is not a media format. It's a disk image format. Basically it's a snapshot of a CD/DVD. For some reason VLC will associate itself with that file type.

    What I would do is burn it to a CD or DVD using ImgBurn then see what contents are on the disk.

    Edit: Don't listen to me!
  2. It's slightly more complicated than that. Have a look at this link.
  3. can even use virtual drives by using deamon tools and mount the image required
  4. Unfortunately I cannot view your link at work, but it sparked my interest.

    I didn't realize that VLC could play a video that was imaged from a disk. So the association with .bin's makes sense... crafty!
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