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My husband uses a laptop, and i would like to know what \

i know data usage is when hes using his laptop, but if hes making a bank transaction online, does it show up on my bill as iternet medianet or data usage?
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  1. best one to answer that question is your ISP
  2. depends.
    if he's using the web browser then it's data usage;
    when chatting, email, music and video then it's medianet..
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    MEdia Net is one of AT&T service to provide Internet into your computer. It gives you access to all like - email, websites, games, and more. Depending what plans you use and freebies they give to you. When you chat, email is part of that - the number of times (hours, minutes and sec) is the data usage, when he downloads music or anything then it is another bill usually credited to a card.
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