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i have a dell 5150, and i want to change the cpu from a Pentium D 820 to a core 2 duo E6600. is that possible? and how simple would that be? and the socket is a LGA 775 socket
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  1. That is passable, YES. The e6600 775 pin should fit perfect into the board that your Pentium D 775 pin came from.
  2. Fit? Yes. Work? No. The mobo in the 5150 won't work with a C2D. The 5150 was released before the Core 2's came out, that means the mobo doesnt have the necessary VRM revision.
  3. the guy from stupid dell said it wasnt possible as there would be voltage problem. he tried to trick me man
  4. Wait, what? If he said that it isnt possible to use a C2D with your board (which it isnt), how did he try to trick you?
  5. i replied to the first guy. so there is no way it will work?
  6. Oh, ok.

    Yeah, there's no way to get it to work. The only way you'll be able to use a C2D with your PC is if you get a new mobo as well.
  7. hey i said it would fit, I never said it would work. Sorry to mislead you buddy.
  8. hmm its seems like changing the psu, the mobo and the cpu is going to cost alot. i might be better just buying a new computer, and selling this piece of junk.

    i was thinking of getting a computer with these specs for a near gaming pc.

    core2 duo e6600
    am2 asrock alive xfire
    250 gb hdd
    2gb 667mhz ram
    Atrix 720 power supply
    18x asus lightscribe dvd+/_rw
    X1950 pro

    for £400 and no OS

    any good for gaming? and ill add a x1950 pro in cross fire
  9. Whats money but a paycheck away??
  10. hmm working my ass off. so i can be happy! :D
  11. Um... That mobo is for socket AM2, you'll need a hammer if you want to install the Core 2 Duo in it.

    I've never heard of Atrix before, and their psu's look kinda cheap. You don't want to skimp on the psu, it's the heart of your system. If it decides to die on you, it could take your entire pc with it.

    Crossfire is overrated, it's a better idea to just get a single, powerful card, then two midrange ones.
  12. hmm seems like im getting ripped of everywhere i go. i got a quote and they gave me the specs and it said am2. seems like ima have to change that. yer i have never heard of that either i will buy the one of the psu from the link you recommended me. plus what graphics card should i get? which will give me high perfomance?
  13. The 8800gts 320mb is a great card, they go for $200-$250 new. You'll be able to play pretty much every game out right now
  14. furthermore which mobo should i get?
  15. The Gigabyte DS3R is a really good mobo. They're pretty cheap as well.

    Here's a review
  16. i think i will notice a difference i use my computer quote a lot. and the cpu is using 80% most of the time. plus i cant even play any games i can play call of duty at lowest everything,all the setting are low, and it only plays at at 3fps. i multi-task a lot. usually i have about 10 piece of software open. for example if i had photoshop open and i wanted to play, a game plus use messenger my computer slows down like a rock. the worse thing is when im downloading from bitlord, my computer slows down so much it doesn't even work. i want to be able to do a number of tasks and still be at high performance like ripping a dvd, or using winrar.
    Pentium d cant handle it. i want to edit videos using adobe premiere but i cant because my computer overloads and i have to shut it down. gaming was just one example and i wasn't being too specific.

    heres a cheap one keep in mind the bios currently doenst allow voltage changes (pin mod possible :twisted:) and the pcie graphics slot is only 4x which doesnt matter a whole lot but does show up in benchmarks. has agp slot and takes ddr and ddr2 ram

    edit: yea youll notice a difference, your gaining another physical core each of which is significantly faster than your current one. oh yea and if you find you dont need a new graphics card , you can put a quad in there as well which are supposed to be cheap in about 6 months
  18. i have two gig of ram 667 mhz quite alot, and a rubbish gma 950. and how would the gpu have anything with multi-tasking?
    i could have the 8800 gtx but a Pentium d. unless i am blind the Pentium d 820 is at the bottom of all the benchmarks for dual core processors. therefore a core 2 duo would improve it by a huge amount, for me to notice a difference.
  19. well gma 950 is- Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. and putting a 8800 gts with a e6600 is what i intended if you read the previous post. so that will be fine. and i don't want sli because that cost more and not much better performance.
  20. Quote:
    Pairing a 8800GTX with anything less than a E6600 would be like putting a V6 on a bicycle.

    That actually sounds like fun. 8)
  21. so do you think its better to build my own sstem than, getting a custom pc company doing it for me?
  22. Build your own, no doubt about it.
  23. is it better to buy an e6600 or a 1.86 ghz core 2 duo and over clock it to about 3 ghz?

    also how do i know which is a good motherboard and which is not? can you give me some more recommendations?
  24. The oc'ed processor will be faster and cheaper, but you'll be able to oc the E6600 even higher.

    The first thing to look at is the chipset, the best ones to use are 975X, P965, P35, 680i, and 650i. There's really no way to know how good a mobo is JUST by looking at the specs. You can get a good idea, but the best way to figure out if it's good or not is just by asking.

    Here are a few good mobos off the top of my head. They're in no order whatsoever.

    Asus P5B Deluxe
    Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    Asus P5K Deluxe
    Asus P5N32-E SLI
    Asus Striker Extreme
    Asus Commando
    Gigabyte DS3R
    Gigabyte DS3P
    Gigabyte DS3 (make sure it's rev. 3.3)
    Gigabtye S3 (same goes for this board)
    Gigabyte DQ6
    Evga's 680i mobo
  25. intel asrock conroe xfire esata2 s775

    is that a rubbish motherboard then?
  26. what do you mean by "older chiplet" will there be much difference between a motherboard with a newer chiplet. and also what does the chiplet do?

    ok i am thinking of getting that mobo. it has the 965p chiplet like you said. is that good then?
  28. lots of fun
    about the v6 on a bicycle
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