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Hi I have windows vista on one partition (c) and windows xp (d)on the other. I had a virus on the xp side (d). The virus scan i did on the vista side (C) found all these viruses and told me they were removed or in quarantine. So now I decided to log into the D XP side but I can't even log on anymore, when I try to it will automatically log me off after a few seconds. Also it seems I can't log on through safe mode to D either. When I look at the D partition it is split by me in the original wipe and re format with the new vista. The reason I split it was that I was going to make another partition, but just haven't yet. Do you think the D not letting me log on is because I split the original drive into a partition? Or is it because of the virus scans that have been going on, on the vista side?

Please advise
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  1. You might try booting from your Windows Installation CDs and use the Restore function.
    First on one O/S, then on the other.

    Step 2 might guide you...
  2. Ok so do you think that when I partitioned the "D" drive after it had already been formatted with windows xp, that did not break the operating system? Can you partition drives that are already formatted with an operating system?
  3. If you want an education about HDDs, you might have a read of this...

    Basically, formatting a drive is a process which occurs after the creation of a partition. Once you partition a HDD, any data previously on it is not suppose to survive the partitioning process. If there is still an OS there, then you did not properly partition the HDD.
  4. I thank you for response and will read the article however is there anyway from saving the stuff that was on that drive before I partitioned it?
  5. Not to my knowledge. There may be forensic means of doing that. Of that I have no first hand knowledge.
  6. Hi, if I do a f8, and go to my Windows XP operating system, to try and restore, will I lose information on the operating system I have on the other side the Windows Vista? I just want to make sure that I only lose information only on that one side the "D' side not the "C"
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    I have no idea what damage the virus might have done.
    Normally, I would say that the XP OS would not affect the Vista OS and vice versa.
  8. ^ +1 Gandalf
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