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[:grahamlv:3] Whenever my Norton Internet Security does an idle scan, it finds "geufae.exe", the virus. It is quarintined and deleted, only to come up at the next scan... Ive read up about this, and was wondering wether it could be related to my sudden lack of bandwidth, since im not on uncapped yet?!? In the first 15 days of this month, i was told that i have reached my cap!!! I didnt even use the internet during that time!

Do u guys have any ideas?
Heres a link to the virus's characteristics:

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  1. have you run Malwarebytes?

    make sure to run it in Save Mode
  2. running it now. ive just completed a all drives scan with Norton Internet Security, but nothing came up! ill tel u bout malwarebytes now in a while.

    do u think this virus cld be chowing my bandwidth cap?
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    Run through the malware guide in my signature.

    You want to run it in safe mode with networking, so it can update before it scans.
  4. thanx 4 help. i got rid of it!
  5. Good to hear.
    Thanks for the update.
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  7. ...but wld this virus have been chowing my cap? thats the last thing i need to know...
  8. If you had an active network connection, it's possible.
    Thanks for the vote. :)
  9. its a pleasure. thanx for the help...
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