Computer locks after 30 minutes nonuse

Hey guys, Hope someone sees this and knows something I can try. My computer, once very relaible ... as far as Vista is reliable, is now locking up after 30 minutes of non-use. I can go for hours and hours of browsing and gaming or Netflix watching, but as soon as I let it sit for about 25 minutes, with no activity, it locks up.

There is only the steady, rythmic blinking of the HD light.

I am using no sleep mode nor Screen-saver but I did try to switch them around. No luck.

It did seem to start right after I used my USB to charge my PS3 controller, something I have done countless times before, so I don't think that did it. But I did just DL'd the recent Quicktime, but that also seems to check out okay.

It also has erased all my previous "restore" points. I tried to restore and had no place to restore to.

Any help?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Perhaps try booting the system into Safe Mode and let it set. Safe Mode loads less drivers to operate. If the system does not freeze up, maybe try updating any system drivers and video card driver. One other thing, I had a system that was doing a similiar freze up when left running for periods of time. I suspected the hard drive may be acting out. It was a faulty SATA cable. Easy to swap out a SATA cable and the system has not froze since. Took me months to find that bad SATA cable.
  2. Thanks for the info, Badge. I will let it sit for a few in Safe Mode and see what that gets me.

    I have tried finding any new drivers and/or updates, but have found none.

    It is the "breaking without doing anything" that really frustrates me. HA.

    Thanks again, off to safe mode.
  3. Really, if all else fails, install a new SATA cable. I was astonished when I discovered it was a bad SATA cable causing all sorts of freeze ups. The new SATA fixed the freeze ups immediately.
  4. Well, in safe mode it did not lock up. Even after an hour. Good call on that, buddy. That at least gives me more info on the problem.

    So does that mean it is a driver issue?

    Could it be a conflict as it happened shortly after QuickTime and Flash updates? Heck, in fact, I did a Vista update a few days ago.

    Wow, I thought I was lost before.
  5. Well, a lot of drivers do not load in Safe Mode that do load up with the desktop. How about the video card driver, is that up to date? Which VC do you have installed? Also, check the system or motherboard online product page for updated system drivers. One other option may be to do a system restore to a point before the lock ups started. Also, hardware-wise the PSU, hard drive and the SATA cable may be suspect.
  6. Yeah, I would love to try and do a restore, but for some reason all of my restore points are not there. I use to have restore points, heck I just had a Vista update that creates one, but they are all gone now.

    Also, I tried to hit the "Help and Support" link (at the startup menu / windows button) and it locked up.

    I went to Device Manager and clicked on my video card to check for updated drivers and it said I was up to date. Is that the way to do that? Sorry for my lack of knowledge and thanks again for the time you have taken
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