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Wont boot XP after selecting XP from dual boot menu

Last response: in Windows XP
September 7, 2009 4:37:42 AM

I have had this weird problem that seems random (i know computers arent really random but I cant figure out the cause). I have Win7 and WinXp in a dual boot working fine then after like a week of everything being fine my XP will not boot. I get to the Boot Manager and select XP and the screen just goes black and the system reboots back to the Boot Manager. I am having trouble finding the exact problem because I dont know win booting very well. I am assuming the MBR is fine because it gets to the Boot Manager fine. So I figure it is something with the WinXP partition. Win7 boots perfect. I have tried resetting up the boot with Easy BCD 2.0 beta (way better than 1.x) with no success. This is not the first time this has happened, I end up having to either install XP fresh or do a repair install. I made a Acronis True Image backup and when everything was working then restored it with no success. I am getting really sick of this happening though because this is like the 6th time this has happened. The XP install is only used to game so it is bare minimum programs. I would appreciate any help in finding the route of the problem so that I can fix it instead of reinstalling the OS.
September 9, 2009 2:18:33 AM

I was able to fix this so I figured I would post it to help anyone else who happens to be in a similar (albeit unique) situation.

I used Acronis True Image to restore only the the WINDOWS directory of XP from within Win7 making sure to restore ALL files (system files and all). I rebooted and XP was able to boot again. For some reason XP system file(s) become corrupt or soemthing so this fixes it. Had nothing to do with boot sectors. Strangely enough, restoring the entire partition backup with True Image didnt work, I had to pick to restore only the WINDOWS directory.