How do i stop internet explorer from closing all windows when I only close one?

Every time I close one window, or one of the windows automatically closes, all of the other windows that are open shut down. This gets very old, very fast. Please let me know if you know how to stop this.
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  1. This should not be happening, are you getting any messages when the windows closes? Are you closing the main window with tabs?

    If I.E. crashes it will close any instances of itself that are open. I have been getting this a lot in Windows 7, looks to be caused by Flash Player.
  2. Turn on your windows update - one thing if explorer.exe is corrupted everything is affected. I think this is not just the browser. IE has issues and needs some update, I think you have a virus.
  3. For Windows -
    or this -

    Sorry this should be on another post - I can't delete it.
  4. switch to firefox..
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