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Internet MVDDS

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July 17, 2012 10:18:23 PM

So long sotry short, as SOON as im pulling in to my driveway, i get approached by a door 2 door salesman...of course im ready to send him away when he catches my ear talking about "new internet that rivals COMCAST for half the price, no contract, flat rate and 50mbps" etc...

Now ofcourse, normally id be like meh.....but COMCAST has been giving me problems lately so ofcourse, he came at the right time lol, anyways so, longstory short he says the technology is called MVDDS (Multichannel Video and Data Distribution Service) and that through wireless, from a tower on the ground to a dish placed somewhere on my house that they send 50mbps.

He also stated that, all that for effectively a flat rate of about 40-45 bucks a month, now with COMCAST for generally the same speed (generall between 40-45mbps down and 6-7mbps up) i approximately 75 a month.

When i visited their website, it web template they put up assuming their REAL NEW to the area and are just getting started.

My question this a good deal? anyone experienced with what MVDDS is/does/gives?
Would you switch?

thanks in advanced

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July 18, 2012 11:38:02 AM

sounds fishy to me. i havent found many door to door salesmen that arent scamming in this day and age. i would say think about it but be very cautious and do your research.

google review the company, the technology or aspects about the company.

the satelite dish also points towards it being satelite internet. this used to be crazy expensive and slow for the money. also any storms that roll in will kill your signal. cable internet is rock steady during storms.

careful you dont confuse bits and bytes also. 10 megabytes per second is much faster than 10 megabits per second.