New build Revision 3 (Hpefully the last)

Alrighty so i finally have gotten the money from my parents to put into my computer as my grad gift.

I have updated a few things and am open to any opinions or sugestions.

My buget is around $2000 canadian and i am trying to get almost every thing from direct canada.

I am unsure for the following 3 things.

Is that ram good? is there better ram for the same price?
What power supply. I was going to get the 550 seasonic but they have none in stock. I want it to be quite and reliable (it would have to be avialable at directcanada.)
Does any one know if the p180's coming from direct canada are now the new revision with all the features of the 182... ( I would prefer black over gunmetal black)

I plan on possibly doing a small overclock in the future.

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  1. time put the actual product name before the's annoying to have to visit the links all the time.

    I don't know about the quality of that ram...but it should be ok. Guys, what do you think?

    I haven't searched that website, but trying looking for Silverstone, FSP, among others.

    And overclocking is easy for C2D's, even on stock cooling.
  2. This PSU is good, and yes they are out of quite a few.
    FSP Fortron FSP600-80GLC 600W
  3. is it fairly quite tho?

    im trying to make a semi quite pc....
  4. so no one else has anything to say?
  5. Most psu's don't make enough noise to be significant when compared to your cpu or graphics card. And please spell quiet right.
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