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I have a Acer Aspire 7520g that will not boot.

Upon pressing the power button the computer turns on and displays the acer splash screen with the "Press <F2> to enter Setup" message in the bottom left corner but this is as far as the computer will go.

Things I have tried

Pressing F2 : This results in the "Press <F2> to enter Setup" message to read "Please Wait", but again that is as far as it goes

Pressing Esc: This results in the acer screen being replaced with a Bios information screen displaying the Bios information and system information, it performs a system ram check, cache check, and those pass, the next 2 lines read, "System Bios Shadowed" and "Video Bios Shadowed", but then after that nothing happens again

Removing the hard drive
swaping ram
disconnecting, waiting for 20 mins, and then reconnecting the CMOS battery
Booting from a disk

No matter what i try it never loads passed the two scenarios described above

any help would be appreciated
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  1. i'm not entirely sure, but it sounds like your mobo may be dead. If its under warranty i'd try to RMA it and get a new one...

    If resetting the BIOS doesn't help, then there generally isn't much that can be done.
    The only other thing i can think of, is find a BIOS update, put it onto a portable media and try to install it. It may not even recognize it. I don't know at which point during POST the BIOS looks for removable media for updates, ect.
  2. thanks for help :)
  3. is it working again?
  4. tommorow i will try :)
  5. hello,well my computer works again :),the problem for this situation is that the hhd is dead :),so if you have the same problem try to change hhd and it will work again ;)
  6. sorry not hhd but hdd (hard disk drive) :sol:
  7. well
    luckily thats one of the easiest things to replace
    so you lucked out. Congrats
  8. i tried to check the old hdd by puting it back to my laptop and the problem now is this then i but hdd it makes a sound like a klick and then i take out the hdd it makes no sound but makes restarting all the time :/ any ideas?
  9. your post is a bit confusing
    your put your old hard drive back in?
    of course it isn't going to work
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