pentium D way too hot

hey all i just would like to know why my cpu is running so hot,

RAM - 2X 1 gig patriot ddr2 800
video card - asus x1950 pro
Processor - pentium D 925 3ghz dual-core
Mobo - nFORCE 570 slit-a

are the specs, right now i cant run this computer because i dont have a powerful enough power supply, however i was able to get to the bios menu and look at the temp and it was up near 90C!, could it be that the weak power supply is the reason its getting so hot? (buying a new one soon) i use the heatsink and fan that was provided with the cpu and these are obviously at stock speeds.
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  1. The psu wouldnt cause your cpu to overheat. Try remounting the hsf with new thermal paste. The stock hsf can be a pain to mount properly.
  2. This temps are way too high...
    I run the same model as you at around 45C... 60C under full load

    check the hsf, there must be a problem, remount it
  3. ya i did that and made sure its fastened, also some of the thermal paste is stuck partially on the cpu, is that a bad thing?
  4. Thermal paste is suppost to form a bond between the cpu and hsf, so there should be some on both the IHS of the cpi and the heat spreader on the hsf. You should clean both surfaces off before reappling paste and remounting though. Isopropyl alcohol and a rag or something of the like is what most people use for cleaning.
  5. like

    Low power Athlon X2 BE-2350
    or Core 2

    AMD BE-2400: 45W Brisbane 2.3GHz

    AMD BE-2350: 45W Brisbane 2.1GHz

    AMD BE-2300: 45W Brisbane 1.9GHz

    Single core 65nm Sparta Sempron name rules are similar with this:

    AMD LE-1300: 45W Sparta 2.3GHz

    AMD LE-1250: 45W Sparta 2.2GHz

    AMD LE-1200: 45W Sparta 2.1GHz

    AMD LE-1150: 45W Sparta 2.0GHz

    AMD LE-1100: 45W Sparta 1.9GHz

    low power = cooler

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  6. At that temp I believe your CPU would be overheating. This seems to be a case of an improperly mounted HSF. Remove the HSF, clean the base of the HSF and processor with a rag and isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that no thermal compound is left then apply something at least like Artic Silver 5. And remount the HSF.

    The max operation temps of 9xx I believe should be somewhere around 63-65C only. Mine idles at around 40-50ish, and around 54C at full load.
  7. That isopropyl has to be pretty strong (90% or better) in order to cut the thermal grease very well. The standard 70% stuff you buy at the drugstore is 30% water and not all that good at dissolving the thermal grease. I've done it, but it takes a very long time and does not do a very good job. I now use Goof-Off, which is anhydrous and contains mostly benzene derivatives- toluene and xylene. A q-tip dipped in Goof-Off will dissolve the thermal grease lickety-split, just take a rag dipped in a little more Goof-Off to wipe up with. It doesn't even matter if the grease is all dried out- the Goof-Off will dissolve it anyway. It's really strong stuff and has pretty nasty fumes (think spray paint, but 2-3x as strong) so you'll need to do this near an open door or window.

    In applying Arctic Silver 5, put a dot half the size of a BB right in the middle of the metal lid on top of the CPU. Then put the heatsink on top and push the pins in until they all click. This will squish the thermal paste to cover the entire lid of the CPU better than spreading it out yourself. The only CPUs that require the thermal paste to be spread by the person who applies it are ones without the metal lids, such as Pentium IIIs, K7 Athlons, and mobile CPUs.
  8. clean the cpu and the hsf, then apply new thermal paste, and give us an update with the new temperature
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