ITunes not downloading on an Acer Aspire

I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5742-7120 and wanted to download iTunes onto the computer from the Apple website.

I was able to export the library on my home computer and put the music onto the laptop; all I need to do now is download iTunes on the laptop.

I have tried downloading iTunes multiple times on the Acer and it keeps stopping the download at different times. I am downloading iTunes right now, and it is doing the same problem right now; it stopped at 21%.

I don't know if it takes awhile (like more than an hour) to download iTunes on any computer, but I need to know if the time for downloading is correct or if there is an issue with downloading iTunes.
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  2. some troubleshooting tips to check into:
    correct version of itunes in relation to your OS
    free space in download container
    internet connection timing out
    using a download manager
    where download file from
  3. 1. Where are you downloading this file from? The official site or something like rapidshare? (you could possibly try other sites)
    2. What type of internet connection do you have? Dial up, DSL, cable?
    3. What internet browser are you using?
  4. basically what i just said..
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