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Some Questions... Online Raffle/ Giveaway HowTo

Hello Tomshardware... This is my first post here.

I am not sure this is the perfect place for these questions, but I like the site and community. Though, If you do have a recommendation for somewhere else to put this, please let me know.

I was wondering how those websites that do giveaways online with millions of participants do it, because I wanted to do something similar myself. (On a MUCH smaller scale though.)

So, does anyone know how they keep all of those entries organized and how they do the drawings. I was thinking of swaying more toward a raffle myself, with people allowed to purchase multiple tickets, which will probably change the way its done.

I know its a complicated question, but will appreciate any information.

Thanks in advance for any answers. :)
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  1. You could write a program that would ask for the information of each user and store it in some file (or a website that has an application to type in the info). Then, you would issue a number to each member in order to have a system for selection. You could just randomly generate a number that's parameters are set by the number issued to the members, and whichever number is generated, that member wins.

    Are you looking for something more in depth than that...or what?
  2. First you should know that these types of raffles are illegal in quite a few forms, depending on where you are located of course. Usually unless you are doing it for a charity (officialy not just because you say so), it's considered gambling.

    There are web sites that can set them up for you, do a web search you should turn some up.
  3. Illegal? Raffles are? Hmm, well I guess that ruins my plans. ;).

    Though, Giveaways are legal right? Since they do not require the participant to have any risk?

    So, how do large companies (for example, I see newegg is doing a giveaway right now) do them? I knew it was a program used, but how much - and what - does the program do?

    Thanks for the answers, and the info of the legality. Should have done more research, but around where I live, there are raffles of all sorts, and bingo, so I just suspected that they were legal. (The bingo is probably on Native-American land, and the raffles for charity, which is why they are legal.)

    Once again thanks, and any more insight is appreciated.
    -Devjiro :)
  4. Yes most countries consider this illegal even if it is for charity - For charity if you want to help others by giving something to them so can use social network like facebook or yahoo group for example. It is usually with a group and registered to the government as a non-profit organization.

    There are lots things you can do in the net I hope your intention is good.
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    Free prizes are OK, as long as there is no fee involved and you don't need to do anything special to enter, like buy a product. That's why all of those game cards you may get at places have a little disclamer "to get a free game piece call/email/write to so and so address". That way even though you buy a Big Mac to get some game peice, you can also get a free one without the purchase.

    There are places that offer some raffle tickets for $50 for a chance to win a car or something similar, but those end up going through official charities and are controlled by government regulations. I'm sure not all of those things are legal, I see several forums (hobby ones expecially) where people offer raffles insead of selling an item. Like here is 30 spots at $5 to win a set of my tires, instead of just selling them on ebay or to a single person. That is technically illegal and places like PayPal will ban you for using their services that way. When I say "technically" illegal, meaning that if you are caught, there will probably be no prosecution aside from being told to stop, maybe having your web account disabled.

    If you put on a web site that states, just enter your name here and I'll send a random person a free car, that "should" be fine. But you'd need to check in your area.
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