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I am tring to do a fresh install using a windows xp sp1 disc but it will not boot from cd instead keeps going straight into windows. I have set the dvd drive as first boot option in bios. I have also tried other cd's eg systemrestorecd and linux cd, and they boot ok from the dvd drive. It seems it is just the windows disk that will not boot. I have tried the disc in another pc and it boots ok. Any ideas of the problem and a fix ?

many thanks

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  1. Try making the only bootable drive the DVD drive. Disable all others in the BIOS.

    Once all the files have copied across, when the PC performs its first reboot, enable the HDD boot option in the BIOS again so you don't end up with an XP CD install boot loop.
  2. Try using a soft cloth and some water to wipe the disc. Use some duster to blow out the drive.

    Some optical drives read better than others. The disc may have some scratches or smudges thats giving the optical drive a hard time.

    You can also disable the option for the BIOS to boot from other devices.
  3. Hi

    thanks for the suggestions, i have disabled the harddrive from boot sequence leaving only the dvd as a boot option, still windows loads and it doesnt boot from the cd

    i know the windows xp cd will boot, i have tried it in a different pc

    i also know the dvd drive is ok, it will boot other discs

    so there must be something particular that will just not work in the combination of booting from the dvd drive and a windows xp disc ?

    i am totally at a loss !
  4. Try cleaning them. As I said, some drives don't read discs as well as others.

    If the disc has worked in a different optical drive, you can take that optical drive and stick it in your PC to load the disc.
  5. Hi

    thanks for all the suggestions, i have it solved now

    as well as disabling the hard drive from the boot sequence there is another control in bios were i was able to disable and hide the hard drive, now it boots from the dvd drive

    so i have a fresh install of windows now

    while i have been able to get this solved, i dont think that the hard drive should need to be disabled in order to boot from the dvd drive if dvd drive is first in order, so something must have been wrong, but no matter i have what i needed in the end

    thank you
  6. You're correct. If your correct optical drive(maybe the wrong optical listed first?) was listed as the first boot device, you shouldn't have to disable the hard drive.

    If you have your optical drive listed first, and it's bypassing that to get to your hard drive, you may want to look for a BIOS update.

    Glad to hear it's fixed though.
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