Acer Boot Disk, is it useful?

I have an Acer X1200 that I have heavily modified and it's come time to reformat my drive due to all the new drivers, however I don't have the boot disk for the OS...

This seems to be an Acer specific problem, they don't supply physical software backups w/ their products, you have to buy them after wards.

My question is; does that boot disk for the low low price of $20 include all the old drivers or is it a true OS boot disk? Or maybe I can pick and choose which program out of the compiled boot disk to actually use. Primarily due to the fact that the RealTek driver can be downloaded from their website, along w/ the rest of the integrated MOBO components.

IDK if anyone has ever had to do this b4 but any input would be helpful, Acer however is not, I keep getting generic auto replies concerning the matter.
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  1. I do not understand why you would need to reformat your hard drive just to update drivers.

    What devices are you trying to update the drivers for?
  2. I've updated CPU, RAM, new dedicated GPU, and PSU. I want to reformat as I have 29 unfixable registry errors and I think a reformat of the HDD would help.
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