Free 7800GS - In the Spirit...

From PETEvsDRM's "Who wants a free 7900GT?"

Heh... Now I almost feel bad for selling my 7800GS. :oops: Lots of folks out there that could seriously use an AGP upgrade. Kudos to you, Pete!

-Wolf sends

Well... My 7800GS AGP buyer backed out, so let's keep this going. Same rules as before.

1. I am not rich myself, so you have got to live in the US, unless you want to pay for shipping yourself.

2. Pictures of the inside of your rig will help. If you have a handwritten note that says WolfShadw in the picture that would go a long way towards proving it is a real pic.

3. You can't be a rich guy who is just too lazy to upgrade, you have to have some reason why you can't get it yourself.

4. umm, I know this is kind of obvious, but you have to have an AGP slot....

So let's keep this going.

Entries must be in no later than Midnight EDT June 18th. Package will ship June 23rd. Good luck and again, Kudos to PETEvsDRM and Space1Monkey!

-Wolf sends

Edit: a couple images of the card:

The Original Box
Package Contents
The Card Itself

And btw... the "Win This Card" promo on the box is just a coincidence! 8)
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  1. Wow. As much as I would like to enter, I can't.

    I have a PCI-E MB.

    But anyways, good luck to all and keep the giveaways alive.
  2. My current system:

    Athlon XP 2500+
    1 gig RAM
    ECS KT 600A

    As pointed out by later posts, if the system were really old, the potential of the card may be wasted. I think the 7800 would complement this system well. (Maybe I'll get to see those pretty explosions in COH :p)

    Props to WolfShadw
  3. Wolf

    Firsteval, is nice from you to give away this card for free. Once again I have to congratulate another user from THG forums for doing this as they can sell this cards or just build another pc but they decide to give them for free which is something that u dont see everywhere.

    Good luck to everybody and congrats to whoever wins this beast of a card.
  4. Well I guess I could give this a shot...

    My system:
    Sony OEM box
    Intel P4 2.6GHz
    Asus P4sd-VX (It does have an AGP slot)
    768Mb (3 sticks mismatched memory)
    GeForce FX 5500

    Here's the story, Im 15 years old, flat broke, and I love gaming on my computer. I am working a summer job at Dairy Queen, but i get paid minimum wage and the money is being saved for college and other future expenses. After my XBox broke, all I have is my PC to game on, but sadly I can't play ANY new games on it. I keep getting hyped up about new releases, but after buying and installing them I find out my system can only run (not play) these games at 800x600 at under 15fps, which isn't playable by anyone's standards. Right now I'm stuck to just playing Counter Strike and other low graphics intensive games. I would truely and honestly appreciate this card. Thanks for your generosity!
  5. Very Cool! Way to keep the spirit alive! Good luck to everyone and much respect to Wolfshadw!!!!
  6. yaaay another one...and its its not a geforce 4!

    nice card and best of luck to all those who try to get it :)
  7. Well... I really expected a bit more of a response. I thought maybe since the title of the thread didn't say, "FREE" I wasn't getting the hits. Either way, we have two candidates so far (no worries, guys. You're still in the running). Let's see if we can get a few more over the weekend! Good Luck, everyone!

    -Wolf sends
  8. Answering to support Wolfs thread :wink:
  9. ditto

    i suggest you change the topic :lol: :lol:
  10. Well, I would like to commend you for this act, I knew what this thread would be, because I followed PETEvsDRM's thread... It's nice to see that this trend is continuing, especially on a practical level, of cards that can - for the most part - keep up with todays games. This is pretty cool... One thing thats seems a big funky though, is that the people that are most deserving might have a system that will bottleneck this card alot. but whatever, in the case of SPACE1MONKEY it was a good addition to the rig... Well, good luck to those that are deserving! :wink:
  11. Another bump for the thread

    BTW, wolf, why dont you reduce the size of the title and put somewhere in between FREE 7800
  12. p4 2.6

    currently upgrading my own computer and wish to upgrade my parents computer so im low on cash, ive used this old computer for 4 years and it was horrible.

    post screens later
  13. Athlon XP1900+
    512mb DDR400

    ill post pics in the am when i can find my webcam lol
  14. I guess I will give it a try so here we go. About 6 months ago I started buying parts to build a new computer. However, I recently inherited a 97 Saturn with 200k mile that doesn't run so all the money I now get goes to my car to get it running. Right now I am having to use my hp 2800+ with a nvidia 6200. I have recently started to play Far Cry but I can only manage to get about 20-25fps on low settings which completely sucks. Any ways here is my HP. Oh and good luck to who ever wins.

  15. hi please choose me, the reason of why i want that card is that here in my country it`s too expensive (I`m From Paraguay in South America) would be almost impossible for me to have one and i`m tired of my on-board geforce 6100 would be nice to have that great 7800 would be a dream

    the problem is that i don`t live in US but i can hardly aford the shipping so thats my story I have a great hope about this i would be very happy to have it anyway thanks and here are the pics of my PC thanks for this oportunity and for your generosity

    I will be very happy if i get it

    i ran out of battery and the camera stuck without flash that`s the reason for the dark pic.
  16. Hi There

    Great idea on the give away, it goes to show how much of a community this place is.

    well my computer I have had for about four years and have been wishing to buy a new rig since last year, however just before xmas i got about £600 worth of bank charges (not very intelligent when it comes to banking) and have been paying it off since.

    my setup:

    amd athlon 2000,
    768mb ddr333 samsung and nanya ram,
    ati 9600,
    Terrible jetaway mobo.
    280 gig worth of hdd's

    I saved up and bought an asrock dualvsta mobo and an amd athlon 3200 cpu with the intention of using my older components such as ram hdd and gfx until i could afford new components. however i nothing worked and i figured (with the help of THG posters) that athlon 64 cant use ddr333 memory, and have not been able to even buy a stick of ddr400 to get it running. so my unused mobo and cpu have been sitting there gathering dust under my bed since august 06.

    I am at work at the moment so i can take some pics when i finally get home later and upload then.


  17. Hey Wolfshadw, and all posters. Threads like these, although few in number, really just make me feel great about people in general, and some residents of these Forumz. I wish that I could express with words how amazing the deeds of such posters as Wolfshadw, Space1Monkey, and PETEvsDRM. You guys rock!

    My system is pretty weak and aged, but I love it to pieces. My specs go a little something like this:

    Socket A Sempron @ 1.8 Ghz
    768 Megs of DDR266 mem
    Radeon 9550
    Aged Abit Mobo
    160 gig HDD

    I'm a 16 yr. old school student, who probably got into computers around the age of 10. My neighbor built a computer and it was the most amazing thing in the world to me. Anyway, I took some classes and did a ton of research and learned as much as I could about computers, in hopes that I could build myself something good enough to play Red Alert 2 or Diablo 2 (lol), because our home computer with an AMD K-3 proc pretty much BLEW.

    I got pretty knowledgeable, but never had the money to do anything with it. So, I started showing my friends some stuff, and got them into computers. And, of course, with their rich parents and what not, they all went off and built their own computers... it wasn't so cool, but drips with funny irony when I think back about it. :)

    I was living a torturous life with the K6-2 computer up until LAST YEAR 8O , when my friends started to REBUILD, and recycled their old parts to me. So, thats how I got my system, from scrounging the refuse of my friends. Its quite a Frankencompy, and its pretty ugly to boot, but I LOVE IT TO PIECES. Sure kicks the K6-2 in the teeth :lol:

    Its very frustrating to Rely on the Kindness of Strangers [/A Streetcar Named Desire], and to not be able to build for myself yet. I WILL eventually build, but then again, I've been saying that for like 6 years now.

    Here are some pics of the Frankencompy. Sorry for writing so much, but please consider my rig. I do live in USA, and have an aged AGP-compatible MOBO. With a 7800, I may actually be able to game without thinking my computer is about to explode! Thanks for your time.

    Beautiful case, I know (you can see the K6-2 system to the left, in the background :D ).

    The Guts.

    Custom HDD cage (because the case that my friends gave me didn't have one :lol: )


    Mah Specs (note: Nice skin, huh? Alas, NOT Vista :cry: )

    Thanks again for your time, best of luck to all, and lets all remember to revere the Kindness of Strangers!
  18. Forgive me for posting after myself, but this thread deserves a BUMP! I really can't believe that this thread isn't at least 5 pages by now; the other threads with similar scenarios took off. Are there really that few AGP users left...?
  19. Quote:
    One thing thats seems a big funky though, is that the people that are most deserving might have a system that will bottleneck this card alot.

    Yep, its ironic isn't it. :lol:
    I have 7800GS with AMD 3000+ and I think my proc is holding me back somewhat, because I can moderately increase/decrease the resolution in some games and still get about the same frames per second I had previously. Of course if I really crank it up I get really low frames as expected, but in the low end there seems to be this 'stable' zone. and 100% processor usage might be a sign aswell :P

  20. Looking at the system specs of others that have entered, I wish everyone else that has entered good luck.

    MSI K9MM-V Mobo (has agp slot)
    AMD Athlon X2 4200+
    Geforce FX5600 Ultra 128mb AGP video card
    1024 MB DDR2 800 (cheapo dual channel kit)
    160GB Seagate SATA
    40GB Quantum Fireball ata133(have had this thing since 1998 and it still runs good, got it right after Maxtor bought out Quantum)

    Pretty much how I ended up there, was the old system started to break down, the fan on the northbridge chip stopped working. Since it was a socket A board, I couldn't find a replacement around where I live, or most places online. Decided since I could get it cheap enough I'd just go ahead and get an AM2 mobo for $50 and got ahold of the X2 4200+ while it was nice and low. Ended up having to buy a new Power supply to run it too, which left me unable to afford a new video card. In fact, picked up the board I'm using so I could continue to use the old agp card. Otherwise I wouldn't have a working computer at all right now.

    Working at Wal-Mart, every time I walk through the computer software area and go, dangit, I can't run this game. After looking at the system reqs for video, things like Jade Empire, and many other newer games.

    Sorry bout the poor pic quality, the only camera I have is an old Logitech Quick Cam.
  21. here is my computer it is old but has a agp slot.
    it is a athlon xp 1500+ with 384mb of ram a dvd drive and a pci video card with 2mb of ram on it. yes you read that correctly it is 2mb of ram.

    i seriously need to upgrade my computer i built it when xp first came out almost 6 years ago and cant afford the upgrades it would need to get it up to current standards.

    i have 3 children so i cant just put all my money into a computer and when i ask my wife if i can put even 40 into it for a new part she says no.
    and yes i live in USA

    here are the pics of the computer and please select me to recieve your gift.

    Photo of case

    photo of computer from side

    photo of pci video card im using

    screen of video properties

    edited by me to correct video memory and add pic
  22. Hey wolfshdw you are a great person for doing this.
    So here is my story:
    I'am a 16 year old high-school student, i'am poor but i managed to update my current agp system a bit.This card will cheer me up because i'm in a very bad period of my life, my parents are divorcing so i'm very depressed.
    I've updated my system a bit, but i'm still with my radeon 9200se, so this card will help me a lot.Also i live in the states.

    My Rig:
    Asus P4V8X-X
    Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
    512mb ddr400
    Ati Radeon 9200se
    Hitachi 40Gb

    Pictures to come...
  23. Here is my entry.

    My rig specs are in my sig.

    It is a rather old rig, and has been upgraded many times to try and get more value out of it. Recently I was planning on buying a new computer that would be almost top of the line, and have been saving up to buy it, but unforseen circumstances have forced me to delay it for quite some time. The first thing that struck was a watertank that broke and had to be replaced, right after that the rear axel of our car became bent in an accident and again cost a pretty penny to repair. And third, for good luck?, the compressor in our fridge went out and the fridge had to be replaced. In essence these three major "setbacks" and a few minor ones have effectively delayed me building a new computer. The only thing I managed to buy before anything major happened was the case. Now all I'm left with is a nice, and empty, CM Stacker 830 sitting in my closet...

    As for the upgrades of the old one, I inherited the IBM drives from my dead uncle and he partly finaced the initial building of the computer, he's a completely different, and long, story. But for the basics, he was rich, but stupid and left practically nothing but a few computers and a ton of problems for me and my family. The rest of the upgrades were for the most part purchased when they were dirt cheap, usually from some great sale or bundle deal. (not sure if I'm allowed to mention it but, pricenetwork is your best friend if you're in canada (mods remove this if it's inapropriate.)) Its been fun trying to mod everything on a tight budget. But I think I've done everything I can to speed up my system with my current financial standing.

    This system has been good for many things but it has really showing its age after all these years. The one thing that I hate about my rig are my IBM drives, I'm down from 4 to 2 now. 2 more to the pile of broken IBM drives, the total death count is now at 10, Horrible drives IMO.

    I do live in Canada, so I'll cover the shipping.

    EDIT: Photobucket is working now so here's my pic

  24. Well, I will throw my hat into the ring and see if you decide to hold it up. To start some people might throw up a red flag because I had recently posted specs of a computer I thought I was going to get to build due to some inherited money (couple grand) well, when my parents found out that I had inherited that money, they decided that I didn't need their help in buying all the stuff I need for my baby that's on the way, sooo... most of my money went to that, and I had about $200 left and was going to get a new mobo and cpu (asrock dual vista and the E4300) when my hard drives failed on me again and I ended up having to spend the money on a new hdd, and since the price was right and my optical drives where wonder drives (as in I wonder if they are gonna work) I bought a new DVD burner, it was only $35 out the door, I couldn't pass that up. So once again, I have to try and save up my money to upgrade to the asrock board and E4300 chip. Hoping in the approximated 6 months it will take me to get that money together that the prices might come down a bit. So here are my system specs:

    Asus A7N8X-Deluxe board
    Athlon XP 2500+ (had to remove the oc I had on it for so long, it was becoming unstable)
    1 gig DDR
    Samsung 400 gig sata drive (this is my new one)
    Samsung dvd burner
    Linksys 54G pci card
    Leadtek WinFast A280 LE TD MyVIVO edition (128MB) 8x AGP
    with jimmy rigged cooling due to weird heatsink on vid card and my original fan went out, so I used a old low profile fan from another socket A cooler to keep it cool. Works most of the time. just can't OC it.

    and you will see in the pics my old stuff that I have some of it connected, but its not being used due to high failure rate:
    80 gig WD drive
    120 gig Maxtor drive
    LG dvd-rom
    Sony dvd-burner

    This was a pic of sys before upgrade

    And here is now:

    Showing some love:

    new burner courtesy of my grandfather (R.I.P)

    Started, but never finished, custom paint job :D:

    Here is the best pic of my ol' lady that I could find (shes asleep, and if you have ever been with a pregnant woman, you know you don't wake the sleeping grizzly):

    And my daughter, due sept 27, 2007:

    So that's that. Oh and just to make clear, I am not looking for any sympathy about my parents not paying for my baby's stuff. I understand why they did, it and fully respect it. It just sucks that I was all hyped thinking that for the first time in a really long time I would be able to play my games at a res higher than 1024*768, and now I can't. Heck even at that res my favorite game in the world, UT2004 peaks at 60fps, but mostly runs at 25-35 fps, depending on how intense the warfare is. I just seriously want this card so I can play UT2007 (or UT3) whatever they are gonna end up calling it, when that comes out. Plus I wouldn't mind trying some of the games that I have tried before but would only run at like 10fps on my system. So any questions, or qualms about my posts, please let me know and I will answer as a gentleman. I would like to point out that PeteVsDrm did a great job getting the gamers spirit going, and the pass it on that Space1Monkey and now WolfShadW, You guys are kings among men.

    If I don't win, then congrats to the person that does, and I wish you all the best of luck in all you do!
  25. Oh yeah, I did forget to say why I can't afford to upgrade. I am a student currently attending Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI. I just moved up here, and I have a job as a server at a restaurant because I need the flexible schedule for my schooling. Unfortunately that means I don't make very much money, and with gas, rent, buying clothes for an ever expanding woman (god I hope she doesn't see that and all the baby stuff we needed. I have virtually no money at all, and the one thing that is keeping me sane through all this is my video games. It's my one escape that I stay up late at night after she has went to sleep and play. If it weren't for my vid games, I would probably suffer from a nervous But seriously, I can at best put $20-30 a month away for anything I actually want, but that money seems to always end up getting spent on either my baby on the way, or my son I already have. Which by the way, due to child support (was based on when I made a lot more then I do now), is where most of my money goes.
  26. I just wanna thanks everybody who is participating because wolf seemed a little bit dissapointed at certain point, but now, there is no reason for that!

    Congrats to the one who wins this card :)
  27. well, I can think of three possible reasons people aren't responding:

    1: People are away from their computers, spending time with dad (fathers day)

    2: People might be getting worn out from typing out huge explanation as to why they want to be considered for a card. Now, I personally think that anyone that is in a situation that really needs the card can sit and write all day about it. So it may be that the sheer fact that their is 1 card to be given away among all us members is weeding out the one's that don't REALLY need it.

    3: Less people respond because it is a AGP card, and those of us that are still stuck on AGP are getting fewer and fewer. Especially with price cuts and cheap mobos, and the like. Only us really broke guys are stuck waiting for our chance to upgrade. I am fairly willing to bet that if someone stuck another PCI-X card on here that tons of people would respond if it were a ok-decent card. But I am personally glad, for obvious reasons, that a AGP card is being given away. Gives me hope that I can possibly have the chance to breathe a little more life into my system. Unfortunately, it's getting to the point that it needs all the life I CAN breathe into it.

    I am honestly kinda glad things worked out the way they did to a point for me. I mean, I am not happy my grandfather died, and I would have loved to have built a new system. But since I couldn't at least my hdd failed on me BEFORE I bought the new mobo and proc. Because that would royally suck to have a new proc sitting there all pretty, but no software to feed to it.... And a bonus, I was able to get a HDD that doubled my previous capacity of both drives together for a sub $100 price. So that was cool too. And it's sata instead of IDE like my other 2 were so once I clean out my system I will have much better airflow.
  28. Can I put in my parents/little brothers computer. He really wants to play CS-Source, but the video card (was a geforce mx400, but now a radeon 9600se!), is holding him back a lot.
    The current system is as follows: 1.6ghz P4, 512mb mismatched SDRam, 160gb HDD, afore mentioned GC.
    Now, my dad just got given an abit IT7, P4 2.4, 512mb DDR-RAM, and that 9600se.
    The 7800gs would be an awesome upgrade, to eke out a little more life from the P4, and allow my little brother to actually play CS (it lags heaps bad with 3 bots @ 800x600 with every detail low!). I live in Australia but I would foot the postage bill. If it is eligible, how do I go about posting pics.
    *EDIT*, oh yeah, the IT7 is AGP :)
  29. well my situation is a little different
    i personally do have an PCI-E system
    but my friend doesnt.
    currently i am back in the states for a little bit, but my friend in bulgaria could really use a new card.
    his ATI R 9600pro burned out on him so now he is kinda screwed,
    his system specs are
    P.4 2.8ghz
    512MB ddr
    Asus P4s800 ( or something like that)
    and ofcourse an infamous R9600pro,
    i could convince him to send some pics if that is what is needed
  30. Just in advance, thanks Wolfshadw, and grats to whoever wins this.
  31. Quote:
    here is my computer it is old but has a agp slot.
    it is a athlon xp 1500+ with 384mb of ram a dvd drive and a pci video card with 4mb of ram on it. yes you read that correctly it is 4mb of ram.

    i seriously need to upgrade my computer i built it when xp first came out almost 6 years ago and cant afford the upgrades it would need to get it up to current standards.

    i have 3 children so i cant just put all my money into a computer and when i ask my wife if i can put even 40 into it for a new part she says no.
    and yes i live in USA

    here are the pics of the computer and please select me to recieve your gift.

    Photo of case

    photo of computer from side

    photo of pci video card im using

    fraud. different cases in the pics. no fan in the first one, fan in the other two. also that card you have does not have 4mb of memory.
  32. Here is my pc:

    Intel P4 2.80Ghz
    512Mb DDR Ram
    ASRock P4i45GV
    80Gb Seagate HDD
    Intel Extreme(Yeah right!)Graphics

    The PC was actually a P3, but i upgraded everything after 2 years of saving.I don't own a camera so i can't post a pic, maybe i will borrow one from my friend.

    The reason i entered is cuz i can't get this kinda stuff here in Sudan. The latest thing to arrive here is the 6200TC which sells for about 300$. I even once saw a 7600GS go for 500$ (no really).Heck, a 512Kbps DSl connection.costs 150$/month. I am really into gaming and but my pc doesn't quite allow me to play them. the newest game i played was CS:Source @640x480. I even tried Oblivion with the Oldblivion mod (it's supposed to make the game run on a geforce2) but it still didn't run. My biggest dream is to be able to actually play BF2, COH, and DMOMM.

    I'm not that poor, i just don't have a way to buy good products, and i ain't paying 300$ for a card that costs 30$ elsewhere. I can even pay for shipping but they don't have credit cards here in Sudan. if there is another way then tell me.

    If there is anyone he deserves it better than me then it should go to him, otherwise am always open for a gift :)

    P.S: Please don't think that by helping me u r helping a homeless chap in Darfur, I live in the capital.
  33. To Sharp: Are you sure? The cases look the same to me. And where is this fan you are talking about. I can't see one. Dunno about the card tho, it still is PCI. If I were to say anything, it would be about the bad wording (and please select me to recieve your gift). It sounds rude to me (apologies paul_baker if english isn't your first language).

    Red_devil, I believe that e-bay could be your friend, AFAIK, you don't need a credit card for pay-pal, and heaps of sellers use that. Most online computer stores in the world probably accept direct debit. Pity about the broadband though $150, eek, I thought australia was bad! BTW, love the sig :D
  34. WolfShadw,

    I would very much like your 'old card', firstly why I need it and secondly why I deserve it.

    The need:

    I have a machine that until last month was used for home business, browsing, music (whilst working) and the occasional bit of HL2, diablo2, EVEonline. Its specs are:

    Asus P4C800Deluxe (intel875) with AGP slot,
    Northwood 'C' core 3.0GHz HT,
    Corsair 2x 512Mb XMS DDR,
    Sapphire ATi9600pro with 256Mb,
    Seagate 7200.8 200Gb,
    LiteOnIT CD burner,
    LiteOnIT 18a DL DVD burner (recent acquisition),
    Akasa PaxPower 400W (most recent - had to go cheap out of necessity).

    Nothing is overclocked as this is primarily a business machine.

    Due to a change in circumstances (see deserving) I now have a need to run games more frequently and more recent ones at that. I am finding that my existing 9600pro just can't cut the mustard anymore.

    The 'Deserving':

    I have built many machines for friends and family but they pay for (and naturally get) the parts.

    One of my sons, who is 21 and has severe ADHD; Asperger's; epilepsy; cerebral palsy (right hemaporesis); and learning difficulties, has just embarked on a series of 3 procedures to give him some increased mobility in his right foot. This is going to take a total of almost 1 1/2 years.
    Because of the nature of his conditions he requires 24/7 attendance/care and constant entertainment/distractions to assist with reducing frustration levels and aiding anger management. Until now we have managed to get him into independant living with support at a distance, but this is not possible during these procedures. He is currently living with us in a hospital bed (that has been loaned to us by a charity) in the front room.

    In order for his care to be facilitated, my wife has had to go to part time work and I am subsisting on small architectural drawing jobs that I can work on at home. Needless to say that our income has reduced and all that remains goes to essentials only. Upgrading my computer is not classed as an essential.

    My son needs to play some games to help reduce his boredom and frustration. Afterall there is only so much TV that he can watch before getting bored witless. He is the reason why I need this upgrade for my machine now. If it weren't for this situation I would likely keep this machine in its current config until I had planned to replace it in about a year. As I won't be able to afford to upgrade (let alone replace this machine) until I get back to full time work I would truly appreciate having your 'old' 7800GS in its AGP flavour.

    As you can tell from my spelling I'm in Brit-land so I shall have to pay for carriage across the pond.

    I shall place some pics of the machine (and my son) in a later post as soon as I have found some where to host them. I have never needed that facility before and so have not investigated doing it before now (any advice on that score would be welcome).

    In the meantime I am hoping to win your favour.

  35. @HDDFreak: thx for the comment, I wrote it when i was bored, I will look into PayPal, but there are also no Debitcards here. In fact, there are no cards at all. only bank accounts; and not world known banks.

    P.S: People here are technoligically challenged, AMD is known as an A/C brand and a 2Mbps costs 600$ 8O

    My apolagies if my lang is bad, English is not my native.

    BTW, I vote for Flying-Q if he is telling the truth.

    EDIT: Just checked Paypal, they said i am in a sanctioned country and they can't provide services to me :(
  36. Hi again,

    Here are the images as promised:

    This one is looking for a little bit of 7800GS love,

    and this boy is needing some gametime love.

    Just to add to the situation this lad is one of 5 children who all have special needs (although his situatiuon is the most severe), and on top of that our family car is dying on its wheels (exhaust, starter, shuttle valve) which we need to take our son to hospital appointments for consultants visits and cast changes etc.

    Can you tell me how much shipping to the UK will cost me please?

  37. Cool thing you're doing. Grats to whoever gets it.
  38. deserves a bumb
  39. I'm kinda hesitant about participating, a lot of people here would really benefit from your card, but here I go:

    My love for computers (specially games) since I was 9 years old made Computer Engineering an easy choice for me when I enrolled in college. Currently, I'm only an undergraduate student, so cash doesn't come by easily. For that reason, it's very unlikely that I upgrade my PC for the next three years, the time I need to graduate. And the fact that computer parts are extremely expensive here (due to heavy importing taxes and a devalued currency in comparison to dollar) certainly doesn't help, making an upgrade downright impossible. That is unfortunate because computers play such a big role in my life, and really I love gaming. I bought the parts for my PC around four years ago under really nice circumstances. The specs:

    Athlon XP 2600+ (Barton)
    Asus A7N8X-X
    2x512MB DDR-333
    Radeon 9600 (Gecube)
    Sound Blaster Live 5.1
    2xHD SP0802N (Samsung)

    Needless to say, I really appreciate what you're doing. Also, I'm not a US resident. Shipping outside the US is expensive, but if you're willing to do it, I think I can afford THAT much.

    I know the fact that I'm a first time poster may not sit well with you, or others. I've just become a member, but I've been browsing the Forumz regularly for nearly 2 years (tomshardware itself much longer, though). My irregular schedule would make it difficult for me to become a poster, so I've settled as a lurker. And even so I'm overwhelmed by how fast the forums work. Anyway, I just wanted to explain the situation, I don't want anyone offended or anything.

  40. Ok here's my system specs:

    Pentium 4 1.8GHz
    ASUS P4TE Motherboard
    80GB HDD
    Matrox G450 Video Card (I had a GeForce Ti4200 but it died)

    Here's my story:

    Hello all. I used to be a gamer "back in the day" when my GeForce Ti4200 actually ran. It died about a year ago and I replaced it with my friends spare Matrox G450 just to be able to have the computer running. The Matrox won't even run the simplest of 3d games. I have been wanting to upgrade for a while and would love to put together a new system. However, I just became a father 3 weeks ago (we have a beautiful baby boy, Kieran) so ALL my money goes into caring for him. On top of a new baby, I was rather screwed by my employer after having the baby. I took a week off from work when the baby was born (as had been agreed upon long before he was due) so that I could take care of the baby and his mother. I called on day six off from work to let the general manager know that I was ready to come back (I was "number two" directly under the GM). Well, he (the GM) kept delaying me, initially saying "ok, it looks like we can have you back on on Friday, but call Thurs night and we'll see what the schedule / staffing situation looks like". I called Thurs and then he tells me "oh, the schedule is full, it looks like we'll bring you in for the weeked but call Fri night and check the schedule, etc". Well I call Fri and get the same story "oh, schedule full, try for Sun...." This goes on day after day and finally he says "we'll bring you on Tues but I'll call you on Monday to come in for a meeting". So I wait around all day Monday and finally like 6:30 in the evening I get a call to come in for a meeting with the GM and the owner, I go up there and they start telling me that they're restructuring the management and want to change my position and pay me less, etc etc... Needless to say I was upset by this. I had been with the company for a year and had sacrificed all of my free time for this job (restaurant manager) and busted my ass for them, pouring my heart and soul into the business. So after all I had done without complaint and never asking for anything, they bullshit me around, creating a needless void in my work schedule when I'm already under financial burden from taking time off, but they want to cut my hours and pay me less. After a year of always turning the other cheek and being there for EVERYTHING they needed, I felt that they let me down when I needed them most. I finally stood up for myself and told them that I would be able to stay. Since then I've been struggling to make ends meet and have obviously given up hope of upgrading my system. I would truly appreciate the chance to finally run some 3d games at a playable framerate (or at all!). Thank you for your time and good luck to all who've entered!!!

    Here are pics of the system:

    And a picture of the boy:

    Look ^^ He's E-vil already!

    Thanks again to Wolfshadw and all the others who have participated in this event and others like it!
  41. You got my vote dude, Sorry to hear your employer was such a jerk specially after the hard week of being a new father. Jeez dude, someday that company will have problems with staff and say we should have been nice to you.
  42. MtYermom you have a very cute baby
  43. Updated my original post with a picture.
  44. I offer my bumpage so more people who are deserving will see this thread
  45. I know someone with a athlon 3700+, asrock board, 2 gb ram, and no video card, hes able to get an all in wonder x800 xt 256mb card for $40 bucks from someone, im wondering if the 7800gs is better and if so by how much. If it is better then ill put pics of his comp and if he wins i can buy that all in wonder card to put up here so this give away continues. so its like i bought a 7800gs for $40 :P . but thats only if the 7800gs is better. So does anyone know if it is better?
  46. bump u say?

  47. here are some pics of my frankenstein build

    The case, psu, half of the memory, cd burner, floppy and sound card were from an older Athlon xp 2000+ build.

    current specs:

    Sempron 3000+ socket 754 @1.8ghz
    Gigabyte GA-K8U ULi M1689 mobo
    Sapphire 1600pro AGP
    1GB (2x256, 1x512) DDR333, timings unknown due to cheap mobo
    80GB Hitachi deskstar SATA HDD - main drive
    160GB Western Digital Caviar SE SATA HDD - storage drive (added 2 months ago, first addition in about a year)

    btw I'm going to college in the fall, there is a chance that i might get a laptop but it would be a cheap one. I'll probably lug this build along anyway because it can play games decently and it has all my music etc. on it that the laptop wouldn't be able to hold or play decently.

    So if anyone has an older laptop that they no longer want or would be willing to sell, please tell me (P2 at minimum). A 7800gs would be awesome, not entirely neccessary but theres bound to be a couple of console fanboys in my dorm who would have their world rocked by having their precious Xbox look like an Atari compared to an "old" computer. And hey, if I win, I'll hold another contest to see who needs my old X1600pro :wink:
  48. bumpity bumpity bump
  49. I don't know if you want help choosing the person, but my vote goes for lordaardvark2, and here are the reasons.

    1)Primarily, I'm almost sure he's telling the truth. I've seen other posts he's made, and he does talk about the system that he pictoed for you. It might be risky to go with someone with a low number of posts because they could easily be lying.

    2)This is just a personal view, but I really believe that people who have no money because of a pregnancy in the family, or a newborn baby don't need the card right now. The father need to put all his attention towards the baby, not his PC.

    3)Lordaardvark2 has a good reason for not having money, and it is clear that he really likes PCs. He gives help to his friends, and he deserves something in return.
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