I Need to install a shared Printer on Limited account


I have a HP Printer installed and shared on a computer A via usb cable. i want to install the shared printer on other computers B and Computer C as well. All computers are connected to a router.

Well upon browsing to computer A (\\ from the other computers logged with administrator access, i could see the shared printer. I double clicked and installed the printer driver and i could see the shared printer on Computer B and Computer C. It worked fine and i could print successfully. But when i logged on the Limited accounts on computer B and C, I cannot see the shared printer.

Please advice me in details how can i install the shared printer on Limited Accounts? Note that all computers are running on Windows XP. I have double checked the firewall i cannot find anything wrong. Do i need to set security access rights and how?

Thanks a lot for ur help in advance. :)
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  1. Anyone pls help. thx.
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