Speed-Fan error, anyone familiar with it?

Hi guys, sorry if this isn't the correct place for this topic, couldn't find anywhere else really for it :)

What my problem is, is when i run the application afrer installing it quckly freezes my machine over around 10 seconds, with only the first few seconds still being able to switch application/operate window etc.

I've seen a few posts around the internet on the topic, but nothing directly really nailing the problem- if anyone has any experience with it would be very greatful :)

Probably best i reply to any hardware/software questions , but as a basics: Win7 72, X6 945 amd processor, Radeon 4870 card, Kingston 4gig hyperx 1600 ddr3 (underclocked to 1333), 750 CIT Psu, 500gb WD cavier HD.

Like i said any specifics happily be able to answer, just generally firstly wondering if anyone has any knowledge with this software :) Thank's for any input,

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  1. Check the event viewer to see if it's logging errors.
  2. The OS constantly refers to the registry to get information about all of the components such as hardware and software which are installed on the computer. The registry tells the OS what to do and how to access the various programs, files, and processes.However, the registry can contain bad information which sends the OS off doing useless tasks or running unneeded routines. Sometimes errors occur including the freezing or system restart. Other times the system slows down. Because their are lots of factors that can affect the registry. You can’t just go and dig into the registry and remove the bad information because it’s nearly impossible to decipher which information is good and which information is bad. That’s a job better suited for software. You can search for a good registry cleaner.
  3. Aford, how do i exactly do that please? Event viewer inside the certain speedfan application or, general pc? As anything related to speedfan once its installed, im simply not able to check as it freezes the whole machine almost instantly, coming back alive say 5 minutes later after a error messages :)

    Deane, i use alot of cleaning to keep my computer in good condition. Use the CC cleaner registry one, aswell as the tools Advanced system care has, aswell as Wise disc wizard i think also has something registry related included :)
  4. start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->check the system and application logs for errors (red X's).
  5. Ah okay thank you, what to do for example if it does show an application log related to speedfan, what are the ways to go about fixing this programe? if known :)
  6. If there are errors, it'll give an event ID number, and the source. Then it's just a matter of researching what the error is pointing to.
  7. Okay thanks will try that, just curious has anyone had problems too with Speed fan? seen it written down in various places that others have problems with it, anyone have a quick solution rather than just searching through all possible causes?

    Thanks again for the help :)
  8. Could anyone confirm please if the speedfan programe isnt being updated anymore, to be compatible with newer motherboards? really get the different perception, as its being updated regually, seems very active on their website etc. Wanting to get this working :) cheers
  9. Did you find any errors in the event viewer?
  10. no didnt appear to be any, thats why it still baffles me. Is anyone familiar with the programe itself? Really didnt get the impression it wasnt being tended to anymore, still seems active, really want to get it up and running on my computer and get the fan speeds sorted :)

  11. Yes, I am familiar with speedfan. I use it for temp monitoring and fan adjustments. It sounds like it could be a corrupt install. Try it in safe mode, and see if it's any better.
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