Help!AMD Athlon X2 4800 vs. Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Allendale

I am building a system for a friend. He is not a gamer, but he wants the best for his money and is on a pretty tight budget. Historically, I prefer to build with AMDs, but their current processors aren't the best. However, they are at low prices. I do realize that AMD need DDR2 800 for better performance, while the intels can do well with just DDR2 533. Can you compare the performance of an AMD Athlon 4800($126) with an intel E4300($117) and E4400($139). In addition could you give me some motherboard advice if I go intel, because if I go AMD I will certainly get a 690G or 690V motherboard. I will probably wait to buy until the pricedrops come though. There isn't a large rush but he wants the PC by the end of summer. What will the prices be after the cuts(E6420, E6600 etc.) and what will be the prices for the intels with a 1333 fsb, penryn? Just so you know I won't be overclocking.
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  1. you can choose Athlon X2 BE-2350

    over clock to 3G

    I think it best price ,

    BE-2350 ASUS MB

  2. He clearly stated he won't be overclocking... :roll:

    Anyway, at stock speeds, the X2 4800+ is between E4300 and E4400 levels, so AMD got the price spot on. If you won't be overclocking and prefer AMD then the X2 4800+ is a good choice. As you said already make sure you use DDR2-800, but RAM is so cheap nowadays you should use nothing less even on a C2D.
  3. X2 4800+ will perform better.
  4. Athlon 4800+ and the 2Gb PC6400. Lowest latency you can afford. Set your bios properly for voltages!, and check the memory voltage.

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