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Built computer a while ago installed vista on it. over time it takes longer and longer to boot. currently takes just a few seconds for bios to do run through, vista says its starting get little green dotted line scrolling across screen for a minute, then goes to black screen. 19 minutes later the welcome screen comes up, allowing me to put in my pass word for log on. The HDD light is on solid and doesnt blink a bit till everything is done loading. Its nothing to do with networking..... I did see that posted in another forum.. computer components are as followes. Funny thing is crappy old skool laptop with vista boots in under 30 second, and when this computer was first installed it would boot in under a minute.

ASUS crosshair 2 formula
AMD 940 debab quad core black edition 3.0
4 gigs ram
liteon blue ray
ati radeon eah 3870 x2HD
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  1. sounds like you have ALOT of startup processes, run msconfig and have a look whats trying to load when booting, also a defrag of the HDD would help along with chkdsk. Complete these tasks and let us know how you get on.
  2. i had trimmed the fat before, just ran through msconfig again and killed off a bunch more processes. Its now down to the bare minimum for start up items. Computer auto defrags every day @ noon. will set to do a chkdsk @ next restart we will see how long it takes.
  3. good job, also a check of the reg plus a virus/malware scan would be useful
  4. chkdsk didnt run as told to after reboot. black screen was still 18 minutes but with less HDD activity. It seems that once it is told to shut down it fails to save anything to disk, as if being told to restart is the same as pulling the plug or holding the power button.
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