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Should I remove Ad-Aware?

OS: 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I've used Avira and Ad-Aware (currently 8.3.5). But today I uninstalled Avira because new version appeared. After uninstalling, I decided, instead of installing a new version of Avira, to install Microsoft Security Essentials. My question is: does it make sense to have both: Essentials an antivirus and Ad-Aware to remove adware or Essentials will fully cover me on both fronts? Thanks.
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    No I am using Microsoft Security Essentials (It is not really the fastest anti virus to catch a virus) but all antivirus or anti malware software is good only if it is updated.
    Rules to make sure your fortress is solid:
    1. Make sure your Microsoft Security Essentials is updated.
    2. Make sure Windows Update in turn ON.
    3. Make sure the Firewall in ON.
    4. Make sure your User Account Control is set UP. Better will don't log on to an Administrator account. You have an Administrator account and a YourName account then set the account type as Standard User.

    You only need that Ad-ware when you constantly surf to unclean site (you know what I mean).
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