WiFi-N to Wifi-G bridge

I have a meeting room that 10-25 people want to be able to connect to the internet. We have a cable modem connection available in the building next door about 100ft away. The current Wifi-G there is just powerful enough to get into the meeting room. However it gets swamped quickly and the strength of signal isn't enough for a video stream.

What I want to do is get a WiFi-N router at the modem and then get a bridge in the meeting room that can bridge it back to a G and share it in the meeting room since everyone has G already and doesn't want to buy a N card.

Has anybody seen a bridge that can take a N signal and give me a G?

Also can anyone recommend a N router that has excellent range, penetrating power, and can handle 25 connections?
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  1. Wireless N is backwards compatible with wireless g solving your first issue.

    DD-wrt capable routers may do the trick for you. They can be repeater bridges allowing you to use the router to extend the signal to your meeting space.

    The largest issue I see is going to be the large number of individuals you are trying to service over that distance. You may need directional antennas and various other equipment to enable you to get good throughput for your network.
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